Sunday, 22 August 2010


Keswick is the main town in the northern part of the Lake district beside the shores of Derwentwater (check out picture of two brown historic rowing boats in the photograph album to the right hand side of this blog).
There seems to be an uneasy tension here that accommodates both hillwalkers and tourists, although I'm not entirely sure if either group are completely comfortable with the overall experience. The town centre as I explained briefly in 'Classic Lake District arrival' seems to be gradually turning into an outdoor and adventure shopping experience, while the more traditional or interesting shop.........

wooden crafts and toy shop
...... can find it difficult to compete in such a market. These types of places need the tourists to support it.
 As a service industry, Keswick seems to do well in providing numerous places of accommodation for the thousands who visit here every year and is consequently not the most peaceful place in the Lake District ! However, comparisons can be drawn between the amount of outdoor shops and the volume of Guest houses. These can dilute the owners trade throughout the whole year and as a result, proprieters can be ready to disagree with what they thought I said !!

The Moot hall ( also seen in the first photograph) was built in 1813 and has had various uses in its history as a courthouse, prison, museum, town hall and fruit market.....

bars to keep people out that at one time may have kept people in !
These days the building still captures the presence of the visitor as a Tourist Information centre, assisting  them to find accommodation and enthusing outdoor beginners into where to enjoy the scenic benefits of walking.
 Across the road is the Ye Olde Friars sweet shop that began business in 1927 as a cafe with a chocolate and sweet counter. The hand made chocolates are probably why the fame of the shop has grown so much, to the extent that part of the adjacent Hotel was purchased in the 1980s to extend the premises.

The view above is part of the extension which also sells their own brand biscuits, chutneys and jams. It has become the expectation of my work colleagues to return with a large box of shortbread biscuits.
 Keswick has been useful on this short walking break as it has provided me with a lunch time snack to take on to the hills and an evening meal ranging from take out Fish and chips from the Keswickian to the  classic Hungarian Goulash from the Dog and Gun.
 Every night after evening meal, I returned to my car at Fitz park ready for the short drive to Portinscale and was greeted with the final rays of daylight over looking the hill Dodd reminding me that this week I was constantly on cloud watch.....

However, after collecting the biscuits, I crossed the bridge for the last time.....

Managed to take in my last piece of scenic memories........

Reaching for the heights  : Fitz Park branch, St Johns church and the hill Catbells

.......and observed a ballboy who seemed desperate for a game of Tennis !!


  1. I can never make my mind up about Keswick. It seems to have to be all things to all people and ends up letting everyone down.
    Your photograph of the Moot Hall is one I've tried to achieve for ages, I always end up with blown skies or rain running down the lens.

  2. Always beautiful pictures in beautiful places! I like to share your experiences... Bye !

  3. Don't let him Adrian! Ha ha...
    Well Jayz! Again a story to follow!
    I have a strange feeling that I will end up with blown skies or rain running down , too!
    But next week I will be in Greece, in Corfu for 10 days!
    Maybe I will have a story for you!
    If internet works!

  4. You've speeded up the process of me wanting to return to the Lake District, now that I have viewed your images and read your reports.

    Regards, Brian

  5. Your pictures are absolutely lovely. Of course, you live in a postcard...
    I love the way you see things, particularly the church steeple nestled among the trees and the hole in one. Unique little views not seen by all.
    Nice to have you stop by gallimaufry as well. I am truly glad to have the chance to discover your blog!

  6. I feel like I'm with you... which means I'm on a very far away vacation which is EXACTLY what I need right now. Thanks! :o)

  7. Great pictures, hope your colleagues enjoyed the biscuits!


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