Monday, 9 August 2010

The Mount : Accommodation in Portinscale

Following my Grange to Castle Crag walk at the south end of Derwentwater, It was time to move up to the north western corner of the Lake and book into my accommodation for the next few days. The quiet village of Portinscale has served me well in the past to satisfy my touristic and walking needs, with "The Mount " being my most used facility.

It was unfortunate that I was unable to stay here in the last four years due to various other travelling commitments and a cancellation I had make due to a close relative's health issue. However, the thought of going back here was tempered with a strange feeling as the hosts had changed hands and even though the atmosphere was not the same for me, the new proprietors did everything that was necessary to make myself and the other guests comfortable in our stay.

Along with all the other residential and guest house accommodation, Portinscale has a variety of different buildings places including a coffee shop, hotels and public houses that serve food. I have a fascination for photographing doorways and windows so my attention was drawn to this particular historical example nearby.

Later, i took a short walk down to the lake shore at Nichol End to see if there were any more photographic opportunities in the adjacent boatyard. The tension between peace on the water and anger in the skies was quite evident to me in some of the following shots...

rope and reflection

All to soon, it was time to return back to The Mount and get a good nights sleep ready for another walk in the morning. It is not very often that when I wake up in the morning and open the curtains that I am greeted with a view like this......... be followed with another view like this within the hour !!


  1. A beautiful area,nice to be reminded. I shall be back this winter.

  2. Oh Great Mysterious Person, I am wondering what else on Cranberry Morning you're interested in, of course. Still, I'll just continue to wonder and comment on this post. :-)

    First of all, I love the reflection shots and the door - two of my favorite things.

    I have always wanted to go to the Lake District, but just got stuck in Yorkshire cuz there's so much to see! Maybe next time. We always travel on a budget, so I'm interested in where people stay without having to pay an arm and a leg. I looked up The Mount. I think the most we've ever paid for lodging was £55 per night and that was in the heart of London. We like to save our money for gasoline and admissions. :-) But like everything else, I suppose the tariffs are bound to increase. So is £70 what we can expect for a Double, en-suite in the Lake District?

    My husband loves the Full English Breakfast and tries to replicate it at home. :-) Although ridiculed as 'heart attack on a plate,' it's actually the bagel with orange juice that's causing obesity and heart disease! Who would've thought!

  3. thank for this beautiful ballad with photos always so interesting! bye...


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