Monday, 30 August 2010

Grassington part 2 - The walk

After having a quick look around Grassington village ("part 1"), I met the others from this Yorkshire group in the car park, I knew about half of the group from the previous ("Richmond") walk. We set off on a 9.5 mile (15km) walk, albeit 30 minutes late due to footwear and other human needs !!, starting on the Dales way which begins in Yorkshire (Ilkley) and finishes in The Lake District (Boness).

Early start to the walk

There was an issue with some of the group walking too fast, including myself, as we got engrossed in conversation. We re-grouped at this Limestone pavement ( a Yorkshire country feature) where it seemed like a good idea for a lunch break due to the natural seating.........

walking poles taking a rest

After lunch, we started to ascend a hill and once again, the group started to spread out giving me an opportunity to look for anything interesting in the landscape.....

You never know how dangerous it can be going for a walk out on the hills !!..... this wasn't the farmer but professional Grouse shooting on an industrial stand out of the way.

Sometimes I had to think if I was in Scotland or Yorkshire with these thistles and fields of heather.
This gate in the wall as I discovered in more recent times is a Yorkshire thing...

The walk leader had booked a meal (which was very good) for the twelve of us in Grassington for 6pm and at this stage (5pm) with about a tenth of the distance to go, was getting worried about where some of the group were and hoping they didn't miss the turning.
On arrival back in Grassington, I couldn't help but think when I was taking this photo.... I wonder if it would have been better if we were all on a long dog lead to keep us all together throughout the walk !!


  1. a second part very surprising! and always beautiful images, like the cow and three dogs!
    Bye !

  2. That is one of the perennial problems when going on a trek. Some from the group always complain that the others are walking fast.

  3. I love Grassington - many happy days spent around the area. We had a caravan at the Long Ashes site for a few years .

    Trouble is it tends to rain quite a bit - especially at weekend.

  4. Very beautiful lazy cow, and amazings dogs, (what's you looking at? say the dogs).
    Good bye.

  5. I'm a solitary walker and recently a none walker so your posts make me yearn for fitness again. It will come. hopefully before the first snows of winter.

  6. Very nice natural place!
    I like the cow and those three dogs too!

  7. Thanks for your visit. I like your blog,. Amazing pictures. Greetings!

  8. I'm impressed that you packed your camera on such a long walk. Thanks for sharing some great views.

  9. I had not noticed in the picture with the gate at the top of the wall.It is fantastic.


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