Wednesday, 14 December 2011

South West revisited .... Christmas decorations

Following on from the previous post, I decided to take a blogging break ...
from what I normally do for one post ... had you worried there for a moment :-)

This post isn't about travelling (as these were taken exactly two years ago to the week) or photography either but rather I thought I'd ask followers what they think of Christmas decorations. It's not something that I wanted to do but then again neither is looking at old images of Burnham on Sea in North Somerset and Bristol City centre as it has memories that belong to the past but with all the digital images I have it finally puts the lid on the subject.

The residents of Trinity Close, Burnham on Sea have been decorating their houses for years and collecting money for worthwhile charities. The evening that I was taken there, it was difficult to get parked and drive in and out of the street as it became a local attraction and ... traffic hazard !
It was noticeable that only one resident in the street refused to decorate their house which reminds me of a story a bit more local to me in Seaton Sluice where the expense and work of it all forced them to abandon their "light" project. In my opinion, there's a fine line here in good taste that might be too easy to cross.

Stars in the roof of Bristol waterfront

Cathedral steps,  lamp decoration

Broadmead lights

The welcoming warmth of St Nikki's market (as I used to call it ) on a cold friday December morning.

Homely and warm welcome or  .... "I'll relieve you of some of your money! "

Get your presents gift wrapped here !

Making do with scraps of food from Pret A Manger

Discerning the bogus gifts from the real ones .... or Christmas markets for that matter

Making sure the precarious baubles don't fall on your head ...

... or snowmen for that matter

Lastly as I wait for your thoughts, this is the seventh post I've covered on .... err .... Health and Safety Bristol so it's time to leave it behind once and for all ....

Now where can I dump this ?!!


  1. Fun post! Don't let Al Gore see all those lights. He'd probably find a way to have all those poor people arrested.

  2. The lamp on the Cathedral is my choice. A good post. Not in the best taste for the most part but you can't be blamed for that.

  3. It's really nice, I like especially the huge snowman and the broadmead lights!

  4. I like the big red bow across that corner building but as for the lights I am of mixed feelings...

    To be living in a street where everyone is decorating their houses...and feeling obliged to do the same and try and out do each other, must be terrible...particularly if you don't like that level of over the top decoration and have no wish to participate...

    The tree in the market looks traditional and does give a warm homely feel and I can live with the commercial intention behind it...but most of the other street lights just look tatty and I am not keen....

    But hey...this is a 63 year old man's opinion.....
    Kids love the lights (I know my two grandsons do)and for them it's all part of the magic of their Christmas....
    The world is full of differing opinions and accepting that has to be part of the Christmas message....still what do I know - I am a Buddhist.

  5. I love them all! It's the time of the year that I feel as if I were a kid, and the more lights and colours are involved the more I enjoy the decorations:)

  6. Lovely Christmas decorations--one can't help but have a joyful heart with all the lights, music, and festivities of the season. Glad you like my sunset photos--it's not my photographic abilities that produce a good shot--it's Nature's awesome beauty just waiting to be recorded. Enjoy your day. Mickie :)

  7. Those homes have some serious lights on them!

  8. I enjoy looking at all the decorations and lights, but prefer more subdued decor for my house.

  9. I'm not against Christmas decorations, they add their charm to the pre-Christmas time but I don't like those overdecorated houses and streets, they are usually garish. I like the lamp here and I'm not quite sure about the reindeer. It's on the edge - on the one hand it's somewhat kitsch, on the other hand it looks interesting...

  10. Thanks all for your comments...

    It was an opportunity to show a couple of shots that didn't sit right out of season in a previous Bristol post or on their own at this moment in time. 

I think you all have contributed a wealth of ideas here on the subject. Trevor has reminded us that the decorations are for the children and
Joo with the nostalgia of that.


It was nice change not to think too much when constructing this post apart from the question ... "Am I doing myself any favours by posting this ?!!" ... hence the deep meaning & a bit more … in the last caption !!

  11. I only like homes decorated like that if they are done tastefully, then they look really spectacular.

    I have a dislike for tacky displays and over the years there have been a lot of those in streets not to far away from me.


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