Thursday, 13 October 2011

Loughrigg Fell 1099ft/335m

Loughrigg Fell is one of the smaller Fells in the Lake District which A.W. Wainwright once quoted as being the fell that had a wealth of interests and delights, for many people who now find pleasure in walking over the greater mountains, it served as an introduction and inspiration.

(The above view from the summit looking west is of the Langdale Pikes to the right with Bowfell and Crinkle Crags moving around the horizon to the left.)

This is usually thought of as an opening walk for an Ambleside based hillwalking holiday, which I was on, although it is still considered as a pleasant enough hill climb for those unaccustomed to the higher Fells.

See if you can spot the head. It's not meant to be but me being me ... I found one !!

The walk began from Ambleside commenced in Rothay Park and although I had done this walk some time before, there was one noticeable new feature in the shape of the Sculpture named "Turning point". This was unveiled in July 2000 and contains a newly buried time capsule.

On the far side of the park, there was a short climb on a tree lined lane and on reaching the open countryside, the Fell was noted on the right.

Even though the route to the summit seemed unending, the walk was not difficult with a variety of scenery on way including views to the south of distant Windermere.

It took 90 minutes to reach the summit from my B&B in Ambleside and it was a place where everyone enjoyed the view !!


The view to the south of Windermere & the title shot looking west to Langdale valley is supplemented with Grasmere to the north and a chance for people to replicate calendar scenes that they may have seen on their kitchen wall !

The serious part of the walk is the descent towards Grasmere & Loughrigg Terrace but with views above of the ever increasing Grasmere, who can complain about this.

On my return route I decided to stay high away from Rydal water in order to cover Rydal caves, an amazing geological feature created by the extraction of stone by quarry men 200 years ago. It is said that the whole population of Ambleside could fit inside this cave. I'm not quite sure how that would work as most of the surface is covered in water.

Dangers lurking in the deep !!

One of the most photographed subjects on Rydal water is this boat house. It is often seen by motorists driving southbound on the main Keswick to Ambleside road, but once seen, is impossible to stop. Consequently having seen it on numerous occasions in beautiful conditions and ... otherwise, this was a rare opportunity to photograph it albeit from a distance and without the picturesque reflections.
Rydal Water has provided inspiration for the poets and writers William Wordsworth, Sir Walter Scott and Samuel Coleridge with Rydal Mount and Nab Cottage being nearby.

I made a little de-tour to check out some buildings next to the main road in Wordsworth country. The above building is at the bottom of the lane that leads to Wordsworth's Rydal Mount.

Lake District church architecture nearby
I crossed back over the road and continued my walk on quieter lanes back to Ambleside only to be stopped, tempted and be succumbed by my favourite ice cream ....

English Lakes Ice Cream .... Blackcurrant and cheesecake


  1. Head in a mohawk. Cool. Cheesake icecream?!!! Blackcurrant?!!! I want. :)

  2. This looks a wonderful walk. The caves look as if they would keep me happy for a day.
    I always stopped in Langdale. so missed this bit. Once again you've done both the scenery and the weather justice.

  3. I should feel like taking it easy at home - having just returned from a longish walk - but your images, particularly the fifth image above (track with gate to the right), has given me the wanderlust already.


  4. I like the cave very much and the wonderful landscape and view from the hill!

  5. Jay, your images are coming up in Lightbox again. If you don't like it. Get in touch. this time it is easily disabled. Last time one had to add code into your template.

  6. It's what I like about England - these incredible walks! This one is not an exception! I love the lake with the reflection and this sweet cottage! And, yes I would love to try the ice cream:)

  7. That first photo must be the same place as the thumbnail pic in your sidebar, right? I've always thought the term 'fell' was pretty appropriate and wonder how many vultures have been fed from the flesh of the occasional careless tourist. Nevertheless, the photos are beautiful and I still want to visit that area of so many 'thwait'(s.)

    Let's hope that the whole population of Ambleside can float. :-) I love the photo of the cave. Great post, J, and the ice cream looks irresistible, especially since it has 'cheesecake' in its name!

  8. It all looks so great. Except maybe the cave? But again so nice to see the Lake District in sunshine.

  9. You made us again part of your tour, J_on_tour! I like most the photo of the Nab Cottage and that of the lcave lake. Keep going!

  10. The picture of that cottage is just stunning. However, I must say that all of these photographs are really excellent. Your adventures are always so beautiful.

  11. Blackcurrant and cheesecake ice cream sounds great yum yum....
    Great photos of the walk as always J.....


  12. That's definitely a head on the rock sculpture. Yum yum on the ice cream. Beautiful images.

  13. It looks like a very pleasant trip full of "calendar scenes".
    The sculpture, the dog, the boat house, the tree lined lane - displayed in the above pictures, offer the reader a great sense of delight.

  14. The head looks vaugly Roman...

    I love that cave and the cave reflection shot.

    Thanyou for sharing your journey :-)

  15. Wonderful tour, J, and interesting pictures. The cottage looks like coming from an old movie, how could it ever be reality... :-)

    BTW, the black shape of the cave being photographed from the inside caught my eye immediately as it resembles the shape of the Czech Republic...

  16. Those were great views of pikes...amazingly taken.. Thanks for the share.

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