Monday, 3 October 2011

Ambleside, Cumbria

The town of Ambleside at the North end of Lake Windermere is one of the main hiking, walking and tourist centres in the southern half of The English Lake District. The above photo of The 300 year old Bridge House is the classic image that marks the town.
It's original use was a river crossing over The Stock Ghyll with a room upstairs to store Apples from the orchards of Ambleside Hall.
Later it had connections to the mill industry for a short time before becoming a home to a furniture craftsman called 'Chairy" Rigg. His wife and six children lived in this two roomed house that was deemed luxury at the time. Other 20th century uses were a shoe repairer, an antique dealer and a plant seller. In 1926 a group of early preservationists including Beatrix Potter's husband bought the unique building and donated it to The National Trust for all to enjoy. In 1956 it became The National Trust's first visitor information centre.

21st century use of water !!
(I was a bit unsure of what to post next from the three threads available to me and decided that I didn't want to continue with yet more Glasgow material or start a major variety topic from this year ... I'll start that in January when material is a bit thin on the ground.... inversely proportional to the white stuff !! These next few posts depict 5 days at the end of July with Ambleside being my Bed & breakfast base at Kingswood B & B.)

Stock Ghyll
There seems to be a constant tension with regards to shopping in the town. Each year another outdoor and walking shop seems to open their doors to the public while the traditional establishments that have survived for years battle on ...

tea shop

Pub food

 Much to the pleasure of the local resident, the intermediate satisfaction of the tourist and disgust of the walker is an unexpected Lake District enterprise. Hayes Garden World at the south end of the town is a different kind of outdoor centre with additional indoor retail opportunities to please a wide range of visitors on a rainy day.

Keeping an eye on business !!

Awaiting the menu

Throwing light on the ever increasing number of outdoor shops

A mountain to climb ?

... even the seats are talking about it !!

During the week, there was little opportunity to visit Lake at Windermere at the south side of the town, but it was a relaxing walk after evening meal on one occasion. I thought I would take the camera ...

Boats settling ....

... down for the night

Time to think about ...

... heading back to the B & B ...

... to be welcomed by Skip !! ...

.. and to make sure I get a good nights rest so that my eye is alert for things to look out tomorrow ...


  1. I love all the stonework--such a wonderful arched bridge over the lovely stream. And, the quaint shops would be such fun to browse in--my favorite would be The Old Bridge House Fudge Shop (without question). Great shot of the owl, too. Have a nice week. Mickie :)

  2. Great photos! Love the pictures of the owl.

  3. Smashing sunset photos. Dont need the Lake in front of Windermere. The mere bit does that.

  4. Those pictures of the boats are just stunning.

  5. You have excelled again. I ought to have a wander round. I go through it as fast as possible. It's better than Bowness though.
    The light is wonderful and the portrait shot of the single boat is a real gem.
    Were the Otters still by the jetty?

  6. Lovely place, J_on_tour! I like the first photo and Skip is adorable. I would not mind to spend my next weekend there:)

  7. Wow, J! This place looks like a paradise - from bridge house to the boats settings is simply like a dream! The series of dawn on lake is stunning - this photos look like paintings! And the Skip is a beauty:)

  8. Stunning sunsets...
    The eye of the owl..
    I love those images!!!
    Have a great week, dear J.!!!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful! I've had my own eye on Ambleside for some time now, (having to do with Border Collies and sheep and such.) Your photos have made Ambleside even more appealing. And you know I can't get enough of that gorgeous stone, especially coming from the Northwoods where most of our buildings are made of wood, of course.

  10. I wonder how it is to live in such a bridge house! It looks not abbandoned, at least to me. I love the pictures from the lake-marvelous sky!

  11. Great images of the boats...super sky.
    Pub food and fudge seems pretty good to me...!!


  12. Thanks for the information to go with the top image. I didn't know that!!!

    I love those owl pictures. But then I am a little biased. I am very fond of owls ;-)

  13. Ciao J., I love The 300 year old Bridge House, I would love to live in a house so!
    Happy Sunday !

  14. You`ve captured a lovely part of the Lake District in awesome splendour!
    I long to return there, but for now I just have to admire your post!xx

  15. I love the sky and the reflection of it in the river. These are winning artworks, Jayz. Standing loud claps. :)

  16. For some reason, today I'm dreaming of Ambleside and Coniston. I bet it's beautiful there this time of year!


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