Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Seahouses (2) to Bamburgh beach

Walk to Bamburgh GJC_IMG_8175 (1)

After the "Farne Islands" boat trip and some lunch, one of the two friends I travelled with, thought it would be a good idea to have a walk on the beach. I thought he was joking when he was talking about walking all the way to Bamburgh ...... err, no ... he wasn't, it was a great walk though (6miles / 9.6km round trip)

Seawind GJC_IMG_8181
Seaweed and Farne Islands

Seashore GJC_IMG_8199
Classic Northumberland coastline

Footprint GJC_IMG_8203
Footprint in the sand

... eventually, the turrets of Bamburgh castle appear, so we leave the beach..

Castle Gates GJC_IMG_8210 climbing over the sand dunes and passing the gates of the castle...

Bamburgh Castle GJC_IMG_8216

The history of this site is too great to mention, but briefly, it has been a fortification since Roman times and beyond when it was used as a coastal beacon. Later, the sixth century kings of Northumbria used it as their local capital. In Norman times the Keep was built for a price of £4 and the upgraded walls were eventually destroyed in 1464 during the war of the roses (York/Lancaster) when the Lancaster king was located here. In 1610, James 1 decided that he no longer wanted the castle as a royal building so it fell into the hands of private owners who, to cut a long story short, couldn't restore it to its former glory. Lord Armstrong (19th century Newcastle businessman - who has left his legacy on the area with the additional Cragside house and the Newcastle Swing bridge) restored the castle into what it is today at a cost of £1 million pounds. It is unfortunate that he never saw the finished product although the house remains in the family name.

Tearoom GJC_IMG_8217

After all that walking, my two friends were focused on some refreshment and while I was more interested in photographing the castle.....I caught sight of them heading through this doorway for a cup of tea !

Bamburgh GJC_IMG_0178

Bamburgh village is now a small relaxing village that attracts tourists to stop for an hour or two on the Northumbrian Coastal trail, some stay longer for the beach.

Grace Darlings Grave GJC_IMG_0172

As a post script to the previous post, Grace Darling has been buried in Bamburgh churchyard and there is a museum opposite about her story which has been refurbished recently. There was no time for that today as we headed off around the cricket pitch, ........

Clock Tower GJC_IMG_8237 (1)

....... back through the sand dunes and down on to the beach .........

Castle from the beach GJC_IMG_8239

It was once again our privilege to take in the sights that we had seen on the way up  by enjoying once again, the views of the Farne Islands...

Farnes GJC_IMG_8252

.... the pleasures of walking on glorious sands despite the three intrepid travellers spoiling it  !!

Shadows GJC_IMG_8243

..... and to say hello to the passing walking traffic going in the opposite direction !!!

Dog and Ball GJC_IMG_8250


  1. Nice light at the sea,on the beach, and Bamburgh village looks like a very beautiful relaxing place. ( such a beautiful travel you're doing)
    Have a good day, and thanks for share.

  2. Hi - lovely to see your comment on one of my blogs. We have overlapped in a few places. I walked the Northumberland coast path in April and there are a few photos on my main blog. Will follow your rambles with interest.

  3. Beautiful place! Very nice beach!

    Re: Thanks for your compliments!
    I'm glad that you appreciate my photography works!

  4. Bonjour!
    Your blog is awesome, and you are very talented with your camera, wonderful pictures and interesting subjects!
    Thanks for your kind comment and visit,you are really gentle! :)
    Happy weekend

  5. A great setting for a place that has an interesting history!

  6. Hello!Interesting blog!
    Wonderful place!

  7. Hey, I'm back and what a wonderful surprise I found here... a trip to "Farne Islands" and Seahouses...You know, sometimes I think that I was a fish in my past life...beacause I like the sea and everything about it...
    Sometimes I think that I was a bird (or airplane, ha , ha) because I like to fly!
    Anyway, thanks!
    Wonderful story and photos!


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