Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ewich House, Crianlarich, The Southern Highlands

In the fir tree lined valley of Strathallan between Tyndrum and Crianlarich lies the early 19th century Ewich house. I came across this B&B on trip advisor earlier in the year but it was difficult to get booked up as it was so popular. One of the reasons for this is the high rating that it gets on trip advisor coming into the top 10 of Europe's B&B's and Inns 2010. Ewich House is ideal for Scottish car tours and West Highland Way walkers as it is situated in a key location just off the Glasgow to Fort William road but quiet enough due to the surrounding trees. Most of the visitors I shared the accommodation with, stayed for only one or two nights so I felt privileged to enjoy a lot of the facilities as it seemed unusual to stay for five nights. This post is more of a complimentary photographic post to my written trip advisor review.

The building was a very welcoming place and the owners did their best to make everyone satisfied with their visit. I was fortunate enough to be given a room to the side of the building and I could open the curtains in the morning to a view of fir trees and mountains.......

Every morning as I descended the staircase, I caught sight of the birds enjoying themselves out of the window as they made use of the breakfast facilities !!

then it was my turn to enjoy myself as the next view I had was of the breakfast room......

...and the freshly cooked breakfast which was substantial including Scottish Haggis, black pudding, Potato scones and eggs from the back garden hens.....

By day three, I had to refine my choice to a few less ingredients as it was taking too long to eat !!

One of the most unusual things that you will ever see at any Bed and Breakfast is the sight of four Alpacas.......However, I'm not sure how appreciative there were of the countryside views.........

This view was taken looking towards Crianlarich with the mountain "Cruach Ardrain" in the background. Incidentally, one of my challenges later in the week.

After a long day out and evening meal, it was time to watch the sun set over the trees....

           ... with the resulting light shining on Crianlarich's Ben More and Stob Binnien.

It was time to retreat to the warmth of the guest lounge to enjoy the relaxation and comfort....

               ....and leave those outside in the grounds to do a similar thing !! .....


  1. A brilliant place to stay. beautiful scenery that you really have done justice.

  2. Nice post, but it really makes me long to sell something, ANYthing, and purchase airfare to Scotland!

  3. That looks lovely. What a breakfast! Would keep me full all day. I adore those Scottish placenames too - Tyndrum, Crianlarich...

  4. ...beautiful skies,
    funny alpacas,
    nice bead and breakfast
    a kind of paradise, this part of Scotland, and of course, your trip.
    i've really enjoyed your reportage.
    thanks for share.
    have a good week-end

  5. Glad you enjoyed my post today on 'Making a Travel Journal.' Besides the car park tickets, I liked all the colorful ale labels. Old Speckled Hen and Old Peculiar were my favorites. I remember one day at a Tesco in Thirsk, walking down the aisles and reading all the strange names, finding 'monkey nuts' and 'Swede' and Double or Single Cream. As they say, two countries separated by a common language. :-)

  6. The styling of that place is impeccable. The kind of place you want to stay for a long time.

  7. Wonderful place, I feel that you can help us because we are going to visit Scotland in the future:) Great place to stay:) Greetings, Asia

  8. Thank you again for another fine trip ...
    Have you seen Duncan MacLeod ?

  9. Very beautiful natural place! Make me wanna visit the southern highlands of Scotland!
    Those Alpacas are so cute, they are very famous in Asia recently!

  10. Wow, looks like a fab place to stay and visit, great breakfast too. Wonder what they do with the alpaca fur when they shear them, it is so fine and soft?


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