Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A bit more of Llandudno

There comes a time in many ways, both public and private, that one feels a reluctance to move on to another part of the journey. This is one of those moments as I reflect on one of the few good summer moments. For those of you who know Llandudno, you will realise that I have omitted some major subject material in these three posts but it represents a snapshot of this short week. I mentioned earlier that I was here last year and will return in sequence to cover these topics at a later date.

(On a side note, I meant to publish this two weeks ago but firstly due to the lack of time as life has become difficult once again and secondly blogger being very annoying, it took some time to publish by eventually having to copy and paste it onto a new page. This is the fourth time some of this draft has been written as it either wouldn't save or in the format that I wanted ... one of the reasons why the text is so minimal in places.)

The Promenade and sea front hotels

Looking east to The Little Orme

Adding a bit of colour
The Road train doubling as an elongated novelty bus takes passengers to the west shore while the Punch and Judy show has survived three generations on the seafront using the original puppets.

Time to leave the coast behind for the moment ....

Hotel skyline in Mostyn street
Casting a shadow ...

Hotel anyone ?? ! ... if you dare ....

Like so many large hotels in British seaside towns, Clarence Hotel was one of a great number sharing a small slice of the holiday market in Llandudno. The owners had unfortunately refused to believe that people are living in the 21st century and because it worked well in its early years and say for example 1970, it was going to work well the following year and the year after that. Despite being built at a time when people were desperate to come here, under-investment and the arrival of the holiday coach party trip is always a sign that things are not going well for the business. The reduced amount of money that a hotel takes from the holiday coach industry usually leads to a decline in general repairs of the second rate hotels and subsequently poor Tripadvisor reviews. At this point, the trade of individual customers disappears whilst there is now no choice but to continue with a fight to the death with what little holiday coach business there is available. In this particular instance it is unfortunate that Clarence Hotel is on a main road without a sea view and a car park for that matter.

In this particular case, the premises were sold in 2001 and the baton was passed to another interested party to participate in being tempted by the hotel business carrot. However, colourful stories and red tape hindered their attempts to make a success of the business...
Part of the ground floor was separated off into three retail catering units, one of which lacked planning permission and the other two had illegal immigrant workforce issues. A raid by the appropriate authorities found one person living in a chest freezer. The owner submitted a plan to convert the hotel into apartments with a few ground floor shops but the application was turned down by the local council stating that it had to remain as a hotel. This might seem a bit interesting and yet strange to blog readers of my previous post as it stands not quite opposite the recycled Palladium, JD Wetherspoon.

If anyone can revive the fortunes of this hotel, it's the budget Travelodge chain ! When visiting a destination, it's the only accommodation that some people think is available including some of my work colleagues ... haha.

If the company continue with their plans to renovate the building, it could cost them well over £1 million to refurbish with the potential of bringing new business to the area.

Mostyn Street ....

... and The Great Orme

Welsh Baptist Tabernacle 1875 / Llandudno heritage centre 2007.

The Tourist information service is now located in the library but I was so awe struck with the scene in the reception area that greeted my arrival that I forgot it was there.

Mosaic tiles on the floor

The chef that greeted me on my arrival to The London pub for food twice during the week.

Big desert !!
Being watched !

... and I'll have something more than a coffee !

So as the local residents check out my litter and the sun finally goes down on my trip to North Wales ...

... it is time to say goodbye to the land of the red dragon for the moment no matter how alternative it can be  ...


  1. Wonderful views, as always and I do love the picture of the cat!

  2. Lovely views, I especially like the one of the sunset :-)

  3. The two streets look charming! The location of the Tourist Information is great.

  4. Another grand look round. Not a favourite place of mine but you did it proud.

  5. Lovely photos - the one with seagull is my favourite:)

  6. a baetaiful seaside and a bit nostaligic place it seems from your pictures

    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  7. Huge amount to renovate this hotel. We have Clarence Hotel in this side of the world too that needs renovation.

    Love the second to the last photo. I feel that it's always a gift to see the sky like this after a long day. Magical world we live in.

  8. Ciao J., definitely a great place to discover!!!
    Have a good day!

  9. Another example of how past and presence are intermingled. I like the Mostyn Street with its buildings and the hill in the background.

    I don't know if that can help but when I have problems with the format of my post when I'm preparing it, I use the button "remove formatting" and format it from scratch.

  10. Brilliant post as always!
    I`m hoping to restart my own blog, but I`m not sure how to protect my photos could you help me? Only, i`m not that brilliant with technology and not sure where to go, I`d appreciate any help.
    Kind Regards Karen xx

  11. There are so many photos I like in this post! I like the portico, the curve of the railing, and the next-to-last photo is gorgeous! One of the photos reminds me of Star Trek and 'beam me up, Scotty.' I love the promenade and the sea coast photos and I like to imagine that England and Wales is all beautiful and tranquil like that. Then I get to photo #4. That photo is representative of why I never had an interest in going to Blackpool. lol

    Living in a chest freezer?? Don't give the Londoners any ideas or they'll start renting theirs out for big bucks! :-)

  12. Dear J.!
    A good post from an interesting place.
    With VERY beautiful photographs!!
    Wish you the best, M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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