Monday, 22 August 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland

Even though Edinburgh is a little over two hours away by car and a bit less by train, it might come as a shock to readers to know that I don't often visit this place as I am always unfortunate enough to encounter rain. I will be coming up to a milestone in this blog shortly and I may risk becoming more biographical once again ... for a moment, so I thought I would take the opportunity of digging into my pre blog unseen images archive to show where I came from photographically. It has to be said at this point that I had to motivate myself to show you this set as many people will be expectant of many great tourist exhibits here. You never know, one day I may return and do these buildings some justice.

All rails lead to Waverley station
From experience, the only way to arrive in Edinburgh is by train and although for a long period of time the rail fares were expensive, I was inspired to look up internet fares by a female work colleague who was organising a girlie London weekend. For those that have followed my journey for a while, this was the first trip out in a difficult few months following the termination of my south western travels. Although you have never seen these images before and it is not quite the inspiration for starting my blog journey (that was another colleague), it was what was needed for me to re-commence my own journey ... albeit a trip around a few fringe second hand CD shops south of the city centre today !

No parking  ... or rather that's what people think of it !

The National Gallery of Scotland also seen in the title image was built in 1859 and is the official home of the Scottish Art collection. It overlooks Waverley railway station.

No light on Edinburgh Castle here !!
 It stands in the gap between the historic old town on the hill which includes Edinburgh Castle and the more modern shopping area which includes the famous Princes street as its ... promenade.

All tourists are drawn to the Old town for obvious reasons and whichever way that is chosen from the numerous options, the result of tiredness is always the outcome !!

Trendy Cockburn Street
 The fashionable Cockburn street is by far the gentler option both on the legs and the eyes.

Vantage point improving with height

Throwing light on unknown Edinburgh
After my exploration of the southern suburbs of Edinburgh with it's second hand music and book stores, it was time to return to something a bit more familiar ...

Greyfriars Bobby
Greyfriars Bobby was a terrier in the late 19th century who spent 14 years until his own death  in 1872 guarding his master's grave. In 2011 a senior lecturer from Cardiff University tried to disprove the story and inferred that it was a cheap tourist stunt.

 I wonder if he believes this 
Back on the Royal Mile (the road that descends from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace), the mix of entertainment and tourism are in full swing ...

"Yes, I really am Mel Gibson, I mean ... William Wallace"
Anyone seen this before ?? !!
...  There are certain souvenirs that the discerning tourist would prefer ...

Others ... maybe not !!
Unusually, there are hard earned opportunities for the photographer here

Following the crowds into the Castle

I didn't leave myself enough time for the Castle today and the ticket queue was too long at this time of day, so I just enjoyed the view down to Princes Street, the newer town, The River Forth and The Kingdom of Fife in the background.

It was time to head back out ...
... through the arch ...
... and back down those steps ... 
... to Scott's Monument
 After the death of the writer Sir Walter Scott, there was a decision taken to hold a competition to design a monument in his memory. An unknown and self taught architect, George Kemp, was successful in his bid to build the 200 feet (61metre) high structure. It was unfortunate that Kemp did not see the completion of the four year project in 1844 as he himself had a fatal accident on his way home from the building site.

The monument is virtually adjacent to the railway station so it was time for me to take off and disappear from Edinburgh once again ...


  1. Wonderful, J_on_tour! In the '90s I spent one week at Edinburgh, for a British Council seminar. Your photos remind me of all the places I have visited there:)

  2. Thank you for your journey around the city :-) Lots of places I haven't seen.

    The last time I visited it decided to rain...

  3. I see a lot of classic J shots here, arches and lamps and gardens, all beautifully done. Thanks for a look at Scotland, it was already on my list.

  4. As always such great photographs. A sweet story about the terrier.

  5. Thanks for this..........Street lights and framed corners......You at your best. The final one of Scott's monument is a superb perspective. It is beaten as my favourite by the glass sphere enclosing the Castle reflecting what seems to be the real thing.

  6. The city looks very interesting for tourists, some real good architecute, some kitschy souvenirs, some strange monuments, it has everything:)

  7. Thanks for introduce Edinburgh!
    This is a attractive and beautiful place,
    I hope can visit there too!

  8. soooooo england. hehe.... i curious how do you pronounce Edinburgh?

  9. I don't know why I was surprised to see Edinburgh, but I was. The sign was probably thrown into the bushes by some frustrated American who couldn't, for the life of her, figure what all those signs meant! 'National Speed Limit' was the most confusing of all. Doesn't that sign look to everyone like a 'NO ENTRY' sign?? So it wasn't until we returned from Britain that we found out what it meant. (I know, it would have been too sensible to learn those signs before visiting!!)

    My favorite photo is the one after the Edinburgh snow globe. Beautiful!!

    I know what you mean about revealing biographical information. Definitely a difficult thing to do for some of us. Always enjoy your posts!

  10. I love seeing a town or city though none tourist exhibits, you see it in a different light.
    It good to have a heart warming story, so 3 cheers for Greyfriars Bobby, does it matter if it is true or not, there must be hundreds of storys out there around other towns and citys that bring in the tourists.
    Jan x

  11. I love the framing techniques, the lamp posts and the photos looking up at the castle. Felt like I was there too. :)


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