Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Caernarfon, North Wales

The royal town of Caernarfon is situated on the Welsh mainland at the south west end of the Menai Strait.
( I spent a day and a few evenings here having a look and eating dinner twice)

It seems that the origin of town is based on it's natural resources in the Menai Strait area with subsequent military history and proximity to the Island of Anglesey. The Romans felt that they had conquered the celtic tribes of Wales at this point and similarly William the Conquerer felt the same way when he arrived 1000 years later. Both built military enclosures of varying and progressive standards as a statement of this achievement.

Later in the 13th century, a local ruler decided that he was going to rebel against English authority and Edward I decided to retaliate by conquering the north west corner  of Wales and building the castle that is seen here today.

This was where Edward I ruled in North Wales and established his English style county name of Caernarfonshire in 1284, a name that lasted until 1974 when it reverted to the original name of Gwynedd.

The Castle became a bit neglected during the Middle ages when the Welsh were left to their own devices due to disagreements and battles to the more important matter of the English throne.

In more recent times of the 20th century, the historical town was defeated badly in a ballot to make it the capital of Wales.

Prince Charles had his investiture ceremony here on this plinth as the Prince of Wales in 1969

Throwing light on the subject !

The public house and the Island from the Castle

Way out

The town walls were built around the time of the Castle's construction at huge cost and seem to be in good order today

On one of my visits, I got mixed up in a photography group who were learning about light and processing taking photos of the sunset and floodlit buildings. I was past caring where my Bed and Breakfast host thought I was at 10:30 at night with 30 minutes drive back on top of that.

"No, I'd rather not look, I've seen it all before !!"

The Anglesey balcony and Island

A night in Harbour

The sun is setting on my amazing evening and it is time to make steps back to my accommodation .....


  1. The lighting in these pictures is just so perfect. The first picture is my favorite. Seeing a few castles is on my bucket list for sure.

  2. Jay, This is a stupendous post.......Superb light, composition.....Faultless.

  3. Beautiful set of photos. I love the light and he Anglesey balcony is simply gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic photos! #4 is breathtaking. So, is Gwynedd pronounced like Gwyneth, as in Paltrow? I like the photos of the harbor lamps and masts and of course the steps that look like they're steps to a dungeon. I'm really thinking that rather than going to Yorkshire a fourth time, it would be a good idea to explore northern Wales. These photos make it very appealing!

  5. Love the evening photos, and of course the ones of the steps :)I like the colour in the ones of the castle at night beautiful.
    Mmmm have to see what I can find on our trip to Anglesey! we are only going for one of the weeks,thanks for your comments,I'm tapping my toes here I have treated myself to a new lens and I'm waiting for the postman! had to agree to sell my motorbike to get it!!! its not that expensive as lens go but an upgrade to the kit lens Sigma 17-70mm f2.
    Have a good week
    George and Jan x

  6. Fascinating photographs. The third to the last photo looks magical. Awesome compositions incorporating the lovely lighting. You've chased the lights perfectly. :)

  7. Wow, J. That's a strong batch of photos. I read somewhere that King Arthur's traditions lasted longer in Wales than elsewhere in the UK. It sure looks like there's a lot of history there.

  8. Excellent views of the castle, it is such a long time since I have visited there. I must return soon.

    I love the sunset shots :-)

  9. The place seems ideal for photographic purposes. It has historic buildings, and amazing water and sky scenes.

    My favorite picture is the one with the photographer at his job, trying to capture the sea and surroundings after sunset.

  10. Wonderful photos! I love the castle, but I think the last two are my favorites.

  11. < sigh > Is it all right if I live my life vicariously through your photos....

    Have not blogged this summer and I see I have missed much...

  12. Amazing pictures from a wonderful place full of history and culture.


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