Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Keswick Launch and Catbell's Terrace

The Sunday was a more relaxing day compared to the previous day. The group decided to eat packed lunch walk overlooking the jetty area where the Keswick Launch departs from .....

..while we considered which boat not to take across the Lake !!

Plenty of choice 

The long walk...

.. to load up...

.. and set sail !!
.... across the water ... (Castle crag lower centre ...derwentwater,borrowdale and castle crag post )

... towards our destination ...

... of Catbells.

Once we reached the other side at "Hawes End" jetty, there was a discussion on how the party were going to split into three groups. One group was going to walk the Lakeshore, another group opted for the  Catbells Terrace and the rest for the summit of Catbells.

Keswick ... far left hand side of the Lake

Now you may think that this looks like wonderful weather and in one sense you would be right, but what these images do not show is the intense strong wind. We began the ascent and it was obvious that this was not going to be as easy as first thought. One of the group made a quick decision to retreat and catch up with the "Terrace" group. I had a talk with another responsible leader just before a crag about continuing as I felt it was outside the capabilities of another who I felt didn't want to continue. My co-leader on this section of the walk decided to try and catch the others up but they couldn't hear for the wind and pressed on. I escorted the unsure member back down to the Terrace and continued the scenic from there.

View from Catbell's Terrace

Amazingly, the high level group met us at the south end of the walk as they came off the hill and we headed back to Brandlehow Jetty. The further surprise was that the original Terrace group were already on the jetty and the Lakeshore group arrived on the boat.

I was left to reflect on this hillwalking experience as we set sail back to the other side of the Derwentwater

At the end of the day, it was time to put these all thoughts to bed .....

... and leave the experts that see these things everyday to get on with it !!


  1. Those boats do look so charming. Such a beautiful place, but I would not like the wind!

  2. Wonderful!
    Happy Children's Day!
    Somewhere , deep inside us- we all are chidren!
    My regrads!

  3. wonderful day on water! That is exactly the way I want to spend my summer:)

  4. ... to load up ...
    ... to set sail !!

    I like it!


  5. Of course the Lake District has such gorgeous scenery and your photos are beautiful, but I love those boat photos. They are spectacular. I want them hanging in my living room!! :-) I enjoy your posts so much, including your clever captions.

  6. You can't "see" the wind in a photo--but I know just what you mean--it can certainly spoil the day. We had horrific winds for several days in a row--so glad it has calmed down. Looks like you still had a great time-pretty scenery around, and always fun to be out on the water. Mickie :)

  7. Definitely a must place! The colour of the lake is amazing, and the boats are superb. Well, I do love boats in general, but your photos are really special.
    Have a nice afternoon:)

  8. Wonderful places and series of photos! I like especially that one where the sun is shinning over the lake.

  9. It looks like a special walk in a specially beautiful landscape.
    Like some of the other commenters, I particularly like the boats and the lake, but I'm impressed with absolutely all the pictures.

  10. I much enjoy looking at your pictures! Great shots as always.

  11. Some great images here....!


  12. Wow! You made me go on daydreaming with your beautiful photographs. Wow!!!

  13. Such a great great landscape - I have to visit the Lake destrict some day! The pics with the boats are stunning. I wish you a perfect new week with a lot of sunshine:-))

  14. Loved the photos ;) that looked to be quite a long walk!! good of you to keep the over walker company.

  15. Keswick and the Lake District are like a second home to me and the pictures and walks you`ve taken bring back so many fond memories:)
    just outside of Keswick, there is a pub there called The Twa Dogs and is a brilliant place to eat and drink (I know the owners very well!)
    Your photographs are phenomenal and stunning, bringing the scenery to life.
    I wish you all the success and enjoy your walks.XX

  16. Great to see the rowing boats out. I spend so much time around here but never get the classic clinker boat shots....Thanks.


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