Friday, 29 April 2011

York - Empty streets... almost !

It seems unusual to return to a place like this where I have just recently been to and it is quite difficult trying to highlight the city without repeating images. Some may seem familiar ( 1, 2  & 5 ) as they were in the "York at night" set.
The group I met at Scarborough, organised another event here to visit the recently re-opened and re-furbished Yorkshire museum (5th March). As I said in the "York arrival" post, I usually travel to York by train as it is only 1 hour away, the advance ticket is cheaper than fuel for the car and the unbelievable car parking prices.

(This is the first of either 2 or possibly 3 posts that mirror the December/January series of ... arrival, main course and dessert (night shots!) I am away for a long weekend, so I am posting this one early and I will catch up with your blogs & post number 2 in the middle of next week.)

One of the advantages about travelling down on the 07:00 Newcastle - London Kings Cross is that I have the city to myself for an hour before the shops open although many in the tourist part seem to open slightly later than that.

It was unfortunate though that the sun did not show it's face as it did in the earlier "York - arrival, sunrise.... " post

The above image and the following two are taken in the famous Shambles street. Even at night I have not seen them this empty before.

The Shrine of St Margaret Clitherow is a building half way down The Shambles and was thought to be the home of Mrs Clitherow who essentially became a martyr for hosting Roman Catholic masses in her own home during the late 16th century. Many of the houses in this street have unusual architecture and the sloping beam grabbed my attention.

another street ... "Stonegate"
I'm beginning to wonder now whether I'm the only person in York as I continue my walk around the city to famous landmarks...

Archway leading to Treasurers house

Unfortunately, there were some repairs being made to the path and the classic view of this building will have to wait for another visit as you may notice some red cones in the distance of the previous image. some window architecture will have to do for now !

While I was in the mood for this kind of thing, York Minster was just around the corner and I thought to sample a bit more.

Ah Constantine, but he's just wondering what I'm doing here at this early hour, although that's nothing new as he thought that the last time I was here too !!

Took a photo of this lane from the steps in the background looking the other way in a previous York post.
Art Gallery portico ceiling

I wonder if anyone is up on the walls yet ?

It looks promising...

... maybe not !!

It looks like there are signs of life in the theatre as possibly the Box Office Lady has arrived and the early morning bread has found it's way into Betty's window ...

Local Delicacy .. The Fat Rascal

A sight that you did not expect to see.... Betty's back yard

At last I see signs of life as stall holders are setting up their market and a security dog sniffs out an intruder with a camera that shouldn't be here yet !!


  1. Your pictures get better by the post. Have you found the saturation sponge? It makes a big difference. The first shot of whichever gate it is is a beauty as is the lamp post in front of the Minster. I was cursing those but you made a feature of it. My favourite has to be the penultimate image og the market stall.
    You must have caught it just right for time. I go out at six and there are street cleaners and bin lorries everywhere.

  2. Felt like I walked with you in these streets again. Beautiful. I wanna take a bite on those fat rascals. Happy weekend, my friend.

  3. I absolutely love York and hope to get back there some day. Nice photos all. I may be posting photos I've posted earlier, some of my favorites, for I am running out of England pics. :-) I really enjoyed this post.

  4. I have such a fondness for York,from my trips there in the past,your photographs bring back the memories so vividly. Great atmospheric shots as usual, hope you enjoy your weekend away. Denise x

  5. This is one place we must visit some day, it looks like Chester in fact parts of Shrewsbury look the same. Thanks for showing us around.
    Those Fat Rascals look tastie! might have to stay away from them.
    I would'nt be able to dress George up like that!! so far play to the little fella.I take it he was OK, as you lived to tell the tale!

  6. I love the twisty, crowded streets. LOVELY! And, that dog is just too cute.

  7. The picture of the walls and the tree has a special beauty about it. I would print it and have it framed.

    Bread...when I see bread I need nothing else. I'm a great lover of bread.

  8. Wonderful photos. The bread looks delicious and I love the cute little dog.

  9. So here I am again. Just wanted to comment on how much I like that first photo with the varied architecture and the second one with perfect symmetry. How amazing it would be to live only one hour from York!

    It's been interesting since The Wedding, how much discussion there is among Americans about the monarchy and the wedding. Lots of arguments.

  10. Have you tasted the early morning bread? It looks great in the picture! :-)

    I usually feel quite annoyed by all the people standing and moving stubbornly within the places I want to take photos of but the truth is that when there is no one to be seen far and wide, it looks a bit strange too... I looked through all the York posts of yours and can see that York represents really interesting architecture and history!

  11. Ahh, this city!!
    When I look at the old Gothic buildings it reminds me a little bit of my home town in Germany...

  12. Beautiful York seemed to me like a place from a fairy tale and your photos prooved I was right!

  13. I love it when I travel and no one else is around!! Then I don't have to sit and "wait" for people to move away from what I'm trying to take a picture of! LOL!
    The Portico reminds me of Bologna Italy!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Always love reading your comments!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    Debbie's Travels

  14. am back!!!!

    how quaint! i like ruins anywhere in the world and this one is lovely. and the streets reminds me of harry porter and old those old english movies i've watched. wish i wsa there to snap those pics, am sure i will be very happy.

  15. The picture with the bike shows well the atmosphere of this town!


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