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Fenwick's Christmas Window, Newcastle

Fenwick's at Christmas  GJC_DSC_0024_edited-1
Fenwick's Christmas Window

Fenwick's is one of the oldest department stores in Newcastle and is famous in December for it's magical animated display in the main window enjoyed by all the local shoppers. The Christmas window display has been entertaining adults and children since 1971.

Fenwick's Architecture  GJC_DSC_0027
Fenwick's architecture, Newcastle
It is fitting at Christmas time, when I am usually at home, that I should bring your attention to something seasonal. As a child, I was brought up to believe that the real Santa came to Fenwick's. Apart from Christmas day, the big event in December was the trip to see this window which has a different display every year. ( Fenwick's is one of the largest and most modern department stores in Newcastle. It was originally constructed by the owners purchasing a series of shops extending the store to reach entrances on two major streets and is the flagship store in this UK chain)

Fenwick's Window GJC_DSC_0157
Fenwick's Christmas Window
The Christmas window displays are usually constructed in Germany by a firm who specialises in theme park production and takes most of the year to complete. The Fenwick's staff keep an eye on the project throughout the year.

Window warmth  GJC_DSC_0029
Window warmth, Fenwick's Christmas Window
The theme of 2010 is Santa's toy factory with its production line, quality control and reindeer shed...

Awaiting service  GJC_IMG_0725 (2)
Awaiting service ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Fun & Laughter GJC_IMG_0734 (1)
Fun and Laughter ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Accept or Reject  GJC_IMG_0738
Accept or Reject, Fenwick's Christmas Window

Gift wrapper GJC_IMG_0739
Gift wrapper ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Chocolate sweep GJC_IMG_0742
Chocolate Sweep...     Fenwick's Christmas Window

Snowman  GJC_DSC_0030
Snowman ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

The Postman  GJC_DSC_0147
Mailbag duties ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Production Line  GJC_DSC_0151
Production Line ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Vixen ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Winter Kit  GJC_DSC_0146 (1)
Winter kit ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Santa's List  GJC_IMG_0714
Santa's list ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

Sleigh Ride GJC_IMG_0728
Sleigh Ride ... Fenwick's Christmas Window

It was difficult to photograph this set as you will discover from the reflections across the street in the following links..... Just to give you the atmosphere of the movement and music, here is a young family enjoying their trip to see the window which seems to be more to do with how the child is going to react to the spectacle....

and a more professional version to show the moving parts. On a side note, although I am proud of my roots, apologies to inflict you with the well written song that just steps over the edge at times ...

In another nearby out of town shopping centre, the amount of money spent at Christmas is ridiculously high....
Tall tales and high prices !
... so I'll finish with another kind of window scene a bit more simple from this months Durham Christmas market. This strips away at all the tinsel and toys to something more meaningful and original about the festival..

£1.99 for the baby Jesus, He's worth a lot more than that.

I wish all readers of this blog a very Happy Christmas and I will see you very soon.


  1. Amazing photos, as always! I love Christmas time, but it is so hot here in my country! I like the heat, but these holidays fit better with snow, ice and cold (not too much!). I particularly like the elf and the snowman and, in the beginning of our summer, I have many of them spread around my house! Anyway, even in a tropical country we have also many beautiful ways of celebrating life, love and brotherhood. So, Merry Christmas and a New Year full of peace, health and joy!

  2. i miss being in western country during xmas month

  3. Jay a Very Merry Christmas to you. You did an excellent job here.

  4. Well, Santa is still there...aha...
    So, I don't know if he can reach Romania, is too far away, but as usual I wait for him!...ha ha
    I wish you and to all your family (special to your mother )Merry , Happy Christmas!
    May Santa and Rudolph bring joy and health to you!

  5. The Christmas atmosphere is wonderful, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  6. I miss England so much and your photos are superb!
    I've always admired your Christmas decorations:)
    Merry Christmas to you J!

  7. Great stuff jay, this put a smile on my face!

    Wishing you peace and happiness at Christmas

    Kind Regards


  8. I can see why its takes a year to sort out!!
    Have a Great christmas
    Catch up with you soon
    George and Jan xxx

  9. That is quite the display and it would be a fun thing to look forward to each year. I wish you a very happy Christmas!

  10. Lovely pictures from you:)
    Wishing you and your family a merry christmas:)
    Warm hug from cold north:)

  11. Excellent photographic reportagen with a good text. Congratulations. Merry Christmas!

  12. I did'nt get to see Fenwicks window this year, so thank you for sharing your photos. Wishing you a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas J. See you soon. Denise xx

  13. Thanks for sharing this amazing display!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Wonderful Christmas photos! I imagine children find the window display magical.

    Hope you have a Christmas full of love, peace, and joy!

  15. I LOVE this!!!!
    I could stand in front of this all day!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Happy Holidays!

  16. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful post. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. Both Fenwick and you have done a wonderful job with this Christmas window magical display.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a delight Fenwick's window display must be to see in person. I've enjoyed it through your photos as well. Look forward to following your blog in 2011.

  19. Vania Moreira... Thanks, it's interesting to hear about your seasonal ornaments !

    Lily Riani... It is mostly busy and stressful, this was relaxation.

    Adrian... Thanks for your encouragement and support both on this page and throughout the year.

    Wind... Yes, Santa always came to this shop when I was a small boy in the run up to Christmas. He had a magical house on the third floor. I was only allowed on this floor once a year as it was full of toys and games. Hope he managed to fit a visit into a shop near you when you were younger.

    Sciarada... Thanks, I hope you enjoyed Christmas too.

    Joo... Thanks, this window is what Newcastle upon Tyne is all about in December.

    Ian... Thanks, every year the shop always delivers and oozes joy to those who come to look. Hope you had a good time over Christmas.

    George the Lad & Jan... Thanks, it was only in recent years when they interviewed someone on the local radio that I discovered the manufacturing process of the characters. There must be nearly 1000 moving parts in the window, hope you had a great time at Christmas.

    T Becque... Hope you had a nice Christmas. Every year, people start making a point in passing the window in late November to see what the theme is.

    Berit... Thanks, hope you enjoyed Christmas and have a great New Year. Keep warm.

    Tossan... Thanks, I appreciate your comments.

    Primrose Patch... You're in good company here then ! Glad I could show you something local that you didn't manage to see. December was a tricky time as we essentially lost a week in life due to the snow. I keep missing you with shifts at work. Hope you had a great time over Christmas and have a great 2011.

    Vicki Lane... Thanks, I'm pleased you enjoyed this set of something a bit unusual.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze... Thanks, it's great seeing the excitement on the childrens faces as they work there way along the window always from left to right in time with the story. Memories of my childhood.

    Debbie Smith... Thanks, I am just pleased that I shared this with you. I visited it four times ( three times with the camera) going out of my way twice.

    Phivos Nicolaides... Thanks, I am glad you liked it. Hope you enjoyed Christmas yourself.

    Duta... Thank you for your appreciation. Mr Fenwick always does a good job. I am inspired to emulate his good job by trying again on future occasions.

    Cranberry morning... Thanks, this is amazing to see. I hope I provided some of the musical flavour that is usually original and moving parts in the two You tube clips as well. I think the last to years were Nativity and Oliver Twist.


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