Friday, 5 June 2015

Transport and motion Graffiti in a south west Glasgow underpass

Run   GJC_016960

Just thought I'd squeeze in a quick photographic set that is more of a prelude to the next post.

Urban  GJC_016953_edited-1

The signposted route from the Kelvin Hall to the River Clyde isn't the most scenic of walks as it took me through some industrial deprivation ...

Cars  GJC_016951 - Version 2

... across a busy dual carriageway road and then into this road underpass. I never thought at the time that they would end up in a blog post far less here in their own right.

Jump  GJC_016959_edited-1

(Time for me at the moment is precious and my sunday night blog & editing time has now disappeared. I'll have to grab moments while I can such as my day off work today as I am working saturday this week. As a post script ... it was exactly 5 years to the day that I was introduced to the blogging world by a work colleague with my first embarrassing post being published the following day on the 6th June 2010)

Push  GJC_016954

Although this route has become a major path to a new tourist destination, the underpass felt at times like I could have been in a scene from the Glasgow TV detective show Taggart !!

Waverley  GJC_016957

An exceptional portrayal of the Glasgow based Paddle Steamer P.S.S. Waverley amongst the history of shipbuilding on the River Clyde.

Bike  GJC_016961

Historically Urban   GJC_016952

In the days when there wasn't much else travelling around the streets or countryside

Church  GJC_016963

Other than depicting the local community, I'm not sure what the significance of this unidentifiable local church is, however in contrast the unusual building in the last image is transport related and the subject of the next post ...

Museum  GJC_016958_edited-1

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