Thursday, 17 January 2013

Staithes by night, Yorkshire.

Quiet night GJC_DSC_0217_edited

Following my short trip to Robin Hoods Bay in the morning and Goathland (previous post) in the afternoon), I thought I would get value from my petrol money by calling into Staithes on the return journey for half an hour. Although it was very cold and a windy january, it was difficult to believe that there was thick snow in Goathland less than 10 miles (16 km) away.

It is also difficult to believe that I am squeezing in a quick post here too !!

Last Bus  GJC_DSC_0197
Last bus gone !!

A 174 sunset GJC_DSC_0199

Couldn't resist stopping the car on the roadside of the A174 for the final glimpse of normal light.


On arrival, the scenery, lighting and the wind was not as expected but it was a good experiment even though some of the images were a little on the poor side.

J_on_tour @ Staithes Quay GJC_DSC_0212

A solitary traveller with a new camera, a thick coat, an old tripod and a good dose of wind.

Rock the boat   GJC_DSC_0205
Rock the Boat !

Night nets  GJC_DSC_0211

Staithes used to be known as a fishing village with many boats operating at full business potential, however with it's close proximity to Whitby with easier maritime access,  ...

Riverside at night  GJC_DSC_0206

... it seems that Staithes has become a picturesque village with contacts to the self catering tourist industry and second homes.

Quay  GJC_DSC_0209

Staithes might not be very commercial and rightly so, but the RNLI LIfeboat shop always seems to be a walking destination on the north side of the river (Staithes Beck).

The Royal George   GJC_DSC_0226_edited

It is unfortunate that I don't have any daytime digital pictures ( another time perhaps) but the great explorer, Captain James Cook, felt some inspiration to travel and the "pull" of the sea as he worked here early in his life as a grocers assistant.

The Cod and Lobster ... not quite sure if you think it's inviting or not although I did omit the "no muddy boots" sign  !!

Lastly, the Congregational chapel seems the ideal place to escape the wind and the low temperature but unfortunately ... you've guessed it, part of it has been converted into a self catering establishment. All the more poignant when you realise that the name means House of God, lets hope the residents felt spoken to by the heritage.

The light's still on anyway


  1. Its nice seeing some night shots,with your new camera :) I remember those lobster pots the seagulls must of all been tucked up in bed lol.
    Good to see you back. I also have a new camera to play with:) hoping to get out this weekend for some snow photos!!
    Jan, George says thanks for your visit
    Have a Good Week

  2. A fine job with all of these photos. The lighting is perfect with them all and the sky shots are my favorites.

  3. The pub is not very good unlike your images. Staithes looks better to me by night.
    Next time have a look at the hidden gem on this stretch of coast. Port Mulgarve I seem to recollect it being called. It's a steep walk but brilliant on a sunny day.

  4. You are bringing back more memories for me. Staithes is a lovely place and you have captured some very nice night shots

  5. I want to go there!! That fourth photo really got me. Gorgeous! And what is that behind the buildings? an outcropping of rock??? That is immense. I need to see that in person...but will satisfy myself for a while at least, by looking at these photos.

  6. Your night photography always inspires me. I have played a little with a tripod but I could do so much better. I loved these pictures and the unvarnished look at the town.

  7. Inspiring place and photographs. Places look different at night, don't they? I like the fishing equipment and wonder how you made the boat rock... In Photoshop? I can't figure out any other way. :)

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  9. These are really amazing photos! I really like how you take photos, they are so inspiring.

  10. Lovely all these night photos, J_on_tour! It's good to read you again.

    I'm back from my travel to Hong Kong and started to tell stories on my blog:)

  11. Hi Jay,

    I may have an opportunity for you and your blog. Contact me on to discuss.

  12. Everyone ... thanks for your comments.

    Adrian ... Thanks for the warning about the pub & your advice about Port Mulgrave. Not sure when I'll be back here. i was in Whitby later that year for the weekend and had meant to call in on the way back for some day shots but I took ill and went straight home.

    Cranberry Morning ... yes, it's a large red sandstone rock. I was hoping to do the place justice with some day time images but it wasn't to be.

    JoLynne ... The tripod makes me feel like a real photographer if nothing else !!! ... The ISO setting is good if it's not available but it makes me feel better on a lower ISO with less grain.

    Petra ... The boat shot caption was a play on words as the image was unintentional. The long exposure on a tripod with the wind gave it that effect. After i got my head around the problems with loading Photoshop, I only use it for straightening up buildings ... advice from Adrian. Everything else is in Aperture.


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