Sunday, 15 January 2012

Taking a break until ...

You may be wondering why I haven't posted for a few weeks. Well maybe it was because I was partly uninspired to show the next set of photos that didn't exactly thrill me but I needed to do so as part of my thematic progression.

Currently my travel wings have been severely clipped as I am spending most of my free time visiting my Mother who is currently under observation in a temporary care home.

I realise that these are excuses for the real reason and that is the misuse of my image that I discovered on Google images by The Sidmouth Harbour Hotel ( My e-mail to them has produced a blank). I know it's mine as it was my first weekend in digital and it shows as the horizon is not straight. I consider the above image to be very poor compared to some of the quality material I have up my sleeve right now and I'm not prepared to let some of these future published images slip away under my nose onto another website without recognition.

I have been searching watermarking websites of late and can't get to grips with any of them as the explanation on how to use Batch photo and Jet photo studio is out of date. Picassa was no help, winwatermark was poor. Picmakr I didn't understand and lastly and most frustratingly I finally downloaded Photoshop elements 10 but I just ended up going around in circles chasing my tail trying to access it. Even though some software programs are meant to be mac friendly, this package seems to be unbelievably large with assistance & forum notes thats it's difficult to access even .. find the main event.

In the meantime I haven't quite thrown in the towel but I await your comments and help before I can continue.
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