Sunday, 31 October 2010

A weekend of rest, reflection &.... photography @ Capernwray

We finally arrived at our destination ready to dry out. It was a welcome sight as we entered the door...

(sorry to all you tourists, hillwalkers and general viewers but this is the blog that the photographers "following" have been wanting to see from me for months !!!  Photographs sometimes need no words and stand on their own as a statement and it basically describes photographically....what's in my eye !!!
As this is a special post, I've put more pictures (28) in..... Enjoy.)

house pet

Time to go for a short walk around and off the estate


  1. Beautiful photos. I'm trying not to drool over them. Nice repetition photo in the bannister posts. (I think there's a name to them). I also have always loved photos of doors and doorways, views seen through an archway. Those are some of my favorites. And of course...sheep.

  2. Lovely, lovely, be there!

  3. Gorgeous shots! I wish I were walking in England...

  4. Great set of photos, I noticed the doors, I follow a blog called The Door Hunter, its in my blog list. Loved the colours on the one of the grapes.

  5. A good soaking obviously does you good. That or meditation.
    A grand depiction of your retreat.
    There are five images that really stand out for me.
    The Bannisters are just the job.
    The spiral staircase. I would Mono that and give it a good blast of contrast but it works very well as a clean, pure image.
    The grapes, are wonderful as they are. Perhaps a tighter crop on the bottom to bring the vine hard to the bottom right corner and the clone tool to remove the errant leaf bottom left.
    The loan Tree, I love these shots, clichéd they are but I'm just a peasant and like the odd reassuring cliché.
    The lamp standard, is just fine for it's simplicity.
    Can't wait for the next twenty eight.

  6. As someone else has said, there are lots of interesting entrances. Where was it?

  7. i love this collection of photos, i feel the serenity.

  8. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  9. You have a great eye for lines and shapes. These are beautiful. I love the arches and staircases.

  10. Beautiful photos! A can't pick a favorite as they are all good. I love the way you can take a simple object (steps, wood pile, lamp) and make it express so much. I'm looking forward to more.

  11. Lovely shots. Too many good ones to choose a favourite.

  12. Where is the location of those great pictures? I like them very much. It's the good old England feeling.

  13. I liked your text and of course, all these beautiful pictures !
    the structures are amazing !
    they are all beautiful, I would impossible choose, but I have everything of preferably for the n°. 4, 10 and 15 ! :))
    A very great post !


  14. Nice shots!
    Very interesting angle from the stairs (5); love the (ex)hiking shoes!

  15. excellent photos you have here...i like all of them...well done

  16. More awesome pics! I loved the old boot and the big bee!

  17. Lovely set of images, found your blog via another but can't remember which. I too from the North East. Northumberland but now live in Selby North Yorkshire.

  18. Superb collection Jay - lovely perspective in a lot of your photos, and very interesting subjects !

  19. Very nice series.Greetings Andrzej.

  20. I knew that one day you will post only photography... but I am used with your words...
    Anyway, the story is behind every each image or inside them, Jay is everywhere here - with his willing to travel, to see, to feel the freedom of mountains and wind!
    I like the soft colors of autumn on the walls, the closed doors, the stairs to nowhere, the dark-blue-red-green grape with that delicate smell , and the sound of silence in landscape...
    Off, I have not enough words in english...
    Best regards from Romania, my friend!

  21. I think that again we met somewhere on internet ...watching our blog in the same time...

    I forgot to tell you that I will sleep tonight under that tree...with those sheep...ha ha

  22. Beautiful photos! At first I thought I had a favorite but then realized they all are my favorites.

  23. Amazing series. I love all the photos esp the photos with framings.

  24. Magnificent series of views, angles and textures, the image of the green door is superb!

  25. THANKS J., for this post.
    I really enjoyed with this collection of photos, the grapes is plenty of beautiful, the doors, the stairs, the beautiful landscape with the magnificent sky and only one tree...., tehe sheep reflectioning, the brigde and the streetlight that takes me to Harry Potter world..., all of then are wonderful.

    (...and what do you tell me about the pot/boot with flowers AMAZING)
    Thanks for share.
    I thinks we have to organice a travell across Great Britain.

  26. Yes, I will use that landscape (with a tree and sheeps)again tonight...for a good sleep!
    Maybe the door, too...and the stairs!
    Have a great weekend!

  27. Interesting serie of wonderful pics! Hugs from Luzia.

  28. Hi Jay, a really nice collection of images here. Really like the grapes, the skyline tree and the bannister shots.

    all the best


  29. To everyone... Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Just thought you would like to know that I enjoyed looking for all of this material over the course of two days and I'm pleased it brought you enjoyment to the eye.

    Cranberry Morning... Thanks. Framing things in archways or trees is something I've looked for since I first picked up a camera. repetition and doors are something I have tried in more recent years. The sheep around here looked mostly peaceful and this one looked sleepy. I thought it would go well with this set... I nearly left it out.

    Farmchick... Thanks. I have been asked by the organiser of the weekend away if I wanted to go for the last 5 years. It was always on the same weekend as something else. This time I agreed and I hope the photos have given you pleasure.

    Vicki Lane... Thanks. There were certain timed country activities on the Saturday afternoon, so I fitted it in with a solo short walk around and out of the grounds between the boots and log pictures.

    George the Lad... Thanks. I came across the Door Hunter blog recently, I was hoping to look it up again. Thanks for letting me know where it is. I worry about what's going on in my head !! ...that I take to many of these pictures. Those grapes might be too high for you to jump up and bite !!

    Adrian... Thanks. Bannisters- I tried a few different angles and sides... when there was no-one looking ! ... & ended up with this one. Spiral staircase- I found this by accident as it wasn't part of my normal route. I never thought about the mono approach as I was taking it and as you can imagine, I had so many to sort out afterwards. I must try it out and remember that one, thanks for the advice. Grape leaf- I must have been so taken with the subject and the other leaf that I didn't notice, too many photos once again, thanks for reminding me to check out my processing. The only one I cropped later were the steps going down to the gate, logs and the side gate to the grounds after the sheep.... I couldn't get it all in as there was a skip in the way due to building renovations at the gatehouse !! The loan tree- I liked the way it was pointing and composed the picture around it. Tried to make it a moody skyscape but the clouds could have been better. With hindsight, would have liked a little more grass in. Lamp shot- another one of my things but they don't make the album cut very often as there is so much material to tighten down to a blog post album... nice to put my touch in here though... tinkered with the light in the processing. The next 28- It was rare to go away and stop.. & in a place with so much potential.

    Colin Griffiths... It was a private conference centre a few miles east of Carnforth in Lancashire.

    Lily Riani... Thanks. I tried to create a theme and I'm pleased that you noticed it.

    The old Geezer... I still need to look you up, sorry about that, it's a time thing.

    JoLynne Lyon... Thanks. Lines and shapes.. my secret is out. I progressed so far with Art at school until they introduced pottery of all things and consequently didn't do well and dropped it for a more academic subject. My artistic efforts were channelled into Engineering drawing for which I got an A. The career didn't work out thanks to a certain nameless Prime minister and I now concentrate my artistic efforts with a camera ....escaping what I do now for a living !!

    Sweet Virginia Breeze... Thanks. Simple I find nowadays is sometimes best, I used to do amongst other things landscape after landscape and standard tourist shots. Once I had those, I started to look for something a little different. Hope you are doing OK by the way.

    Synflame... Thanks. It was difficult to decide which ones to leave out at this final edit. I only left the animals in to create a peaceful theme. I left certain shots in for specific people. The black door and the boots were the next ones to go.

  30. Travelling Hawk... Thanks. As it was a private conference centre a few miles east of Carnforth in Lancashire, this was less of a tourist blog for restricted access and more a photography blog.

    Mahon... Thanks. I'm glad you looked at this album because after all the comments I have made on your blog, you would be thinking that you don't see many things of interest except tourist photos. I was thinking about you when I took photos 4, 15 and 24. Your influence is on me totally for photos 15 and 24. Praise indeed.

    Lucia... Thanks. The stair rail was one of four or five shots and I felt this one worked best. The hiking shoes were unusual. I couldn't get the right light or shrubbery access for the more conventional photo of both boots. This was next to the black door and I came back to the scene on a few occasions. These were the two images that I spent most time trying to photograph. Thanks for your visit, I've saved your profile and will look at your page again.

    Cimpoaca Laurentiu... Thanks, It's good to show a photographer something that he likes, pleased you enjoyed them all.

    Vania Moreira... Thanks. The boot was difficult as I explained to Lucia but it was nice to leave it in as I spent some time with it. I nearly left the Bee out as I couldn't get the right angle. I left it in as it was a colourful photo.

    Picturit... Thanks for your comment and visit. I thought by this time that there would be more Northumberland posts on, but I leave plans open a little and things happen so there are probably more Yorkshire posts on here.

    Rick... Thanks for your comment and visit. I have wanting to do this kind of album for a while but didn't get the opportunity with the concept I created. You have some great images on your page. I've saved your profile to visit again soon.

    Pietrzyk... Thanks for your visit and comments. By now we are looking at each others page.

    Wind... It was about time that this happened, my computer keys got tired and wanted a rest as well... ha ha.
    You've explained me away in a sentence, not many people that I know can do that so easily as they try to discover my depth.
    I'm pleased you saw this set of photos to see whats inside my eye !! Meeting twice on each others pages, how unusual is that.
    I was hoping that these photos wouldn't send everybody off to sleep !! ha ha.

    Joyce... Thanks for your comment and visit. I had difficulty picking a favourite too, thats why there's so many here. Something for everyone is what I'm hoping for. I've saved your profile as well as I've just caught sight of your recent posts. I'll look at them again.

    Rizalenio... Thanks. Framings were my first step into doing something different with landscapes.

    Carraol... Thanks. I like the green door as well. You have no idea how many times I photographed that shot. The bedroom was upstairs in the annexe to the left side of the clock tower in the courtyard upstairs from the green door and grape shot. I tried photographing it at night as well but looked better normal daylight.

    (Ernesto y) Felisa... Pleased you enjoyed it, no-one has mentioned the bridge yet. I took a few of the house between the title photo and the bridge with various trees and shadows, but for variety they all had to be left out, only the bridge remained.
    Travelling- I picked up a second hand DVD at the weekend called the Naked Pilgrim, it's all about a funny and moving journey about Art and Religious belief through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela !!

    Luzia... Thanks, Pleased you liked this set of pics.

    Ian... Thanks. It's always satisfying to get a shot that you like. THe three that you mentioned seem to be quite popular with most people here.

  31. Lovely post and I love your photos.

  32. Evelyn... Thanks for your visit and both of your comments (here and earlier). Pleased you found something that you like in this challenging varied blog I've set myself.

  33. Are all of these from Capernwray Hall? If so, I'm absolutely drooling, because I might actually get to spend two months here going to Bible School next spring! I can hardly contain my excitement :)

    Thanks for the gorgeous pics!


  34. Abby Rogers... Yes, you have guessed right. A fantastic place in every way & will be life changing for you. The students come from a wide international background & some stay on to help in the dining room through the summer when guests are allowed to stay. I can 110% guarantee that you will get a warm welcome here & they often take trips up into The Lake District by minibus. These pictures were all taken at a mens activity weekend that 7 of us went on in September last year that a friend organised. The circular walk they recommend around the grounds forms the second part of the post. As I said in the post & some comments, it is obviously not a tourist destination within the parameters of what i depict on this blog and consequently turned out to be a photography post with a reflective purpose both for viewers here and a personal experience for myself.

  35. Thank you for your reply, J!

    It's wonderful to hear it recommended by somebody who has been there, and I'm looking forward to it even more!



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