Monday, 11 October 2010

Loch Lubnaig

Loch Shore GJC_IMG_8960

Loch Lubnaig is situated on the edge of the Trossachs National park between Lochearnhead and Callender on the A85 road.
It was with disappointment that I had to leave Ewich house in Crianlarich for the last time and return to Newcastle. I seemed to be there for a long time as most of the guests stayed for one night and the breakfast room was a constantly changing sea of faces. As I didn't want to retrace my route past Loch Lomond because the journey is mainly motorway on the other side of Glasgow, I opted for the south easterly direction as the route you will discover in the next few posts can be a bit more interesting. I had only been on this section of road twice before, the first time was on the return route from Oban and secondly when I stayed in Stratheyre to climb a few mountains in the Loch Earn area.
After a great scenic drive down from Crianlarich, I was amazed by the calm waters that I was seeing through the trees and eventually car parking was available half way down the Loch.

Trees  GJC_IMG_8962

I couldn't contain myself as I got the camera out before I reached the waters edge...

Through the trees GJC_IMG_8963

Reflect  loch  GJC_IMG_8959

The location was peaceful away from the passing traffic with the reflections giving you the opportunity to experience the moment.

Stones  GJC_IMG_8967

 As this was not a planned stop and there were other things that I wanted to see on the journey, I was in a sense disturbing the peace by walking around a lot spoiling it for the others.......

Relaxing  GJC_IMG_8974

...who were enjoying the moment. It would have been nice to sit and watch this for an hour.

Lubnaig  GJC_IMG_8970

On the opposite side of the Loch, there was once a railway line going from Stirling - Crinlarich/Oban but was unfortunately closed in the 1960s by the infamous Dr Beeching. If I had to choose one route to re-open after all these years, it would be this one...

Treeline  GJC_IMG_8965

 The railway has now been converted into a cycling route so it is still possible for the active to enjoy the scenery.

Tree reflection  GJC_IMG_8971

Unfortunately it looks like the peace is going to be shattered as a boat is preparing to upset the harmony of nature and the eye !!......

Reflection end ! GJC_IMG_8972

And even though it's a romantic moment for some, the view is sometimes a little too much !!! ...... Time to move on I think.

Love moment  GJC_IMG_8961


  1. A once it a lifetime experience to happen upon reflections like these. They are wonderful. I really will have to head north again. Thank you.

  2. Yes...this is my stay at least an hour to watch this magnificent view : reflections on those lakes!
    I have some sort of obssesion with this!
    It is Monday again!
    I wish you a great week!

  3. Perfect reflections. I would not have been able to tear myself away. And I agree about reopening that rail line.

  4. Such rugged beauty, isn't it! And I see that I really need drag out my copy of Scottish Chiefs and read it again before coming to visit. I happen to have a copy that was illustrated by N.C. Wyeth - a beautiful book. I can't wait to read it to my grandsons when they get a little older. :-)

    And yes, I agree, your reflections photos are beautiful!

  5. Thanks for introduce another nice place!
    The water reflections like mirrors!

  6. I like to visit your country, you make me want with your beautiful scenery and your texts !
    I like the reflection in the water, beautiful photos !... bye**

  7. It is Wednesday!
    I come back to take some energy from the lakes!

  8. Nice photos, nice loch, and thanks for share and show us your trip.

  9. Kae Lani... Thanks for your visit, I haven't forgotten about you, I've bookmarked you & will be checking your pages out soon.

    Adrian... I couldn't believe what I was seeing through the trees, wishing for a car park to appear around the next corner. It's a long time since I have been able to do this kind of week in Scotland as I've usually been in the Lake District, then the southwest and Europe in the last few years (more of that another time). It was worth the effort.

    Wind... I would have stayed longer but there was along journey ahead of me and several more stops to make on the way. It is Monday again and this time I wish you a great week.

    Jenny Freckles... Great place, both the petrol gauge and the time told me it was time to go unfortunately. I know there are a lot of preserved lines in scenic places, but unfortunately due to tourist attractions in this area and the nature of this link road, I can't see it happening, shame.

    Cranberry morning... The place is steeped in history, but out of town somehow at times you can forget that as you are in awe of the scenery.

    Rafael Lam.. Pleased you like it, the humour in me wants to turn the picture upside down to see if everyone is awake !!

    Mahon... Even if you can't come to Britain, I'm just pleased with the opportunity to share it with everyone.

    Wind (2)... You're always welcome here, I'm just sorry that I can't put a Lake on every post... have to keep the interest up by keeping everyone entertained.

    Felisa... pleased yon enjoyed it. You would be amazed at how many people drive straight past this view, how sad.


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