Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales

Ingleton is a villiage in the south west corner of the Yorkshire Dales which is generally regarded as a base for walkers and tourists for this corner of the Dales. The main activities include The waterfalls walk ( my last post), White Scar caves ( seen in the distance on Welcome to Yorkshire photo.. last post ) and The mountain of Ingleborough ( elsewhere on this blog ).

(As with the "Hawes" post, these pictures were affected by the weather, so apologies to the photographers out there, it is not a great set as it is more of a diary journal. Most of the pictures were taken in a hurry trying to keep up with friends on the way to the car. I promise that the next post will be mainly for photographers, there won't be many words and will be posted sooner rather than later )

After leaving the last waterfall, the walk seemed to be unending as the rain became heavier and it was with great pleasure that we came to civilisation and this was the first hose that we saw.

The next three shots are out of sequence but I thought you may like to get an idea of the village first.

Historic looking shop

Is this what the rain does..... haircut please?!!
As I was trying to capture photos my friends ran ahead and entered the first tea shop that they saw...

An interesting experience !! It was a caving shop ( pot holing down caves in this LImestone area is a big sport ) which had some really unusual equipment in that I had never seen before. The place didn't look as if it had changed much in 30 years....

There was a severe lack of people enjoying the hot drinks on a day like this and all for prices that did'nt seem to have changed much either in years !!

Even the resident dog seemed a bit startled by visitors disturbing him, but the point to our discussion was how these caving suits might have kept us dry and warm on the walk... !!

I wonder which colour I can see myself in... Green ??!! , spiders, sheep or dinosaurs ??!

To be continued...


  1. Bovril? what is Bovril? I thought all stores in little villages in Yorkshire looked like they were right out of the '40s. So cute and homey! (and dark). Thanks for another dog photo. There's so much to love about Yorkshire!

    P.S. As for the caving suits, I vote for the sheep. :-)

  2. Mapquest tells me that Ingleton is in Lancashire, but it sure looks to me like it's in Yorkshire, as you said. I was looking to see where it was in relation to Skipton. Only 30 miles! (We drive 50 miles to do major grocery shopping and to go to the bookstore! Always surprises me to see how close together those villages are!) Then again, my husband reminded me that England, north to south, can fit inside Wisconsin. Pretty strange, huh!

  3. i like town like that, i can imagine taking loads of pics but must be with mr.sunshine though :D

    i like the blue ones, or green, or red... hem.... i want them all!

  4. The first shot u=is a beauty difficult to capture vile weather. The bunting does it, just needs a brolly blown inside out for perfection. I should be there this month I'll let you know if it's stopped raining.

  5. I like your blog. It's so much the UK I love. I'll come back more often.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! If you have time please have a look at the magazine my son is editing. Thank you. PULSEmagazine

  7. This village seem very beautiful with your beautiful photos !
    thank again for the ride ! :))


  8. Great - can you really get a pint of tea?

  9. Aye years since I was in Ingleton. Grand pictures. Did anyone in Ingleton EVER say Ye Olde Shoppe ? Doubt it.

  10. I am rather liking this place. And, I am all about wearing the sheep outfit.

  11. PLEASE TELL ME YOU GOT A PAIR OF FOOTY-PJ'S!!! I've got two pair.. one with penguins and the other has smiley faces on them :D

  12. What I like the most in Europe are the ancient buildings and castles, 'cause we don't have it here in Brazil...we are too young, only 500 years old! Your pictures are great!

  13. Wonderful and interesting photos - nice tour ! Don't you hate it when you have to rush your photography! There's something to be said for going out on your own. sometimes anyway.

  14. Beautiful England, thanks very much for the ride, (hi dog, were you slepping?)
    The caving suits were amazing with sheeps or ufos..:), and the house who needed a haircut very funny.
    Thanks J.

  15. Cranberry morning... Bovril is a bit like beef stock. When hot water is added, it becomes a drink of sustenance. It was used during world war 1 and has developed into a brand suitable for the kitchen in the last 40 years. It hasn't really taken off in that area but is still thought of as a quick hot drink in cold weather. When I was at school I went to watch the local football team in the park with my Dad & the regular supporters were given Bovril at at time... It is my only experience of it.
    Ingleton is in in Lancashire as it's just outside Yorkshire. It seems to market itself however as Yorkshire Dales as it would probably attract more business...crafty indeed. Best not talk about The War of the Roses as most people from Yorkshire are passionate about where they come from and this is the border where there will no doubt be some rivalry !

    Lily Riani... I would have liked more sunshine too, but I'm not sure about the caving suits though !

    Adrian... The bunting does look a little strange with this weather but it does add that bit of colour to a monochrome scene.

    Travelling Hawk... Phivos Nicolaides... Thanks to you both for your interest, I'm watching both of your pages.

    Mahon... Great to see you again, pleased you enjoyed it, keep up your good work.

    Jenny Freckles... Pint of tea, Yes. I thought it was an interesting concept.

    Greg... It's not very often that I get the chance to come here either. Ye Olde Shoppe - always a good magnet for tourist trade.

    Farmchick... If I thought that there was a more tasteful of the three, I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to vote for the sheep outfit too.

    Kae Lani... I'll have to tell the shop to order in some penguin suits !

    Vania Moreira... I'm glad you are enjoying the journey here, we each have something different to offer on our blogs that we find interesting, yours too.

    Rick... I agree. It's always difficult photographing with other people rushing to the next place. I was however pleased to get some pictures from this otherwise elusive place for me.

    Felisa... The dog was bored, no customers in the shop and we were the last ones in before it closed at 4pm. It had lost interest by then. It's quite a while since I have seen a house in need of a haircut albeit a trim would do.... around the windows !


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