Monday, 19 July 2010


St Pauls GJC_IMG_6636

I had arranged to meet a friend in London several months ago and booked a cheap advanced train ticket. Unfortunately,  the meeting was cancelled at short notice but I decided to go anyway to take in some tourism that I had not seen for quite some time.

Buffers. Train noses 2010 GJC_IMG_6619

Portrait of East coast power (20 and 35 years of service respectively) or rather....... the end of the line.

Pillars GJC_IMG_6625
In between the pillars of St Pauls

Colours GJC_IMG_6643
Under a Southwark railway Bridge

Boadicea GJC_IMG_6652
Even Boadicea has to pull up at the traffic lights

Light GJC_IMG_6657
Marriot entrance

Ghost Train GJC_IMG_6683
A ride on the ghost train.....

Parliament Windows GJC_IMG_6677 the chamber of horrors !!

Eye in the sky GJC_IMG_6661
A birds "Eye" view from the big wheel

Sentry GJC_IMG_6701

Time to move on to another famous location, I wonder if he has a sneaky drink of that water when no one's watching, speaking of which, there's not many toilets around here......

The Fence GJC_IMG_6698
.......I wonder if they would mind if I jumped over the Royal fence...........

The Queens Towel !! GJC_IMG_6708

                           ....and use the Queens bathroom !!!

The Lake GJC_IMG_6715

St James' Park

Squirrel GJC_IMG_6741
........where even the squirrels bow.......

The Palace GJC_IMG_6726
........within view of the great building.......

Birdlife GJC_IMG_6752

... heading towards Downing street, a resident prepares a speech.

Household Cavalry about to ring the doorbell GJC_IMG_6764

Household cavalry.  In case of emergency, please ring doorbell.......iron and vacuum cleaner just behind the door...........

Rear View GJC_IMG_6790
Rear Guard !!
......speaking of which, this picture was taken from the viewing stable where there was something to vacuum clean up !!!

Farewell GJC_IMG_6812
A goodbye kiss from London ..........for a while
All to soon, it was time to return for the train but I was recommended by a work colleague to visit the newly refurbished Eurostar terminal in St Pancras station where there was a statue in memory of the poet associated with the railways in the UK and the couple depicted above ..... a much larger scale than i had previously imagined.  It was time to buy a few snacks from the shopping mall downstairs before returning next door into Kings Cross to find my platform for the journey home !!

Harry Potter wall GJC_IMG_6825


  1. you sure got around; some nice shots here

  2. Been there last year:) So amazing city with lots of positive energy and mix of cultures...

  3. Clever shot and caption for that Boadicea shot! :-D So what's the chamber of horrors? Please inform, cuz surely that's not Westminster Abbey. I was so in awe the first time I entered the Abbey that my jaw literally (really - literally) dropped. I'm not very emotional, but that evoked a gasp from even me.

  4. Thanks for your comment about Boadicea. I was caught in between two walking parties trying to cross the road. The traffic lights took a long time to change and in the meantime , I spotted this photographic opportunity. The other photo is a zoomed shot of the Houses of Parliament where the House of Commons is the main room. The politicians do there business in here and it is sometimes referred to as the I'll let you guess why I gave it that caption !!
    Westminster Abbey is just around the corner from both of these locations.
    As a postscript for the benefit of all readers, I was looking for material that was a little different as I had visited many times before and had taken the usual standard tourist photos. This particular set somehow developed as the day progressed into a light hearted look at some aspects of London. Hope everyone finds the album pleasurable.

  5. Yeah, if I'd thought a little longer about it, I would have realized what building that was, according to your 'clues.' I actually got in there one evening, sat in the gallery, and watched/listened to the MPs argue. FUN. I need to get back to London!

    And I also love detail shots, like the first two. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. :-)

  6. I just love your photographs and commentary. You make the places look great and so interesting. Keep up the good work. x

  7. you are invited to follow my blog

  8. you are right; it's so much nicer to see the things from a different angle: we 've all seen the standard pics!

  9. Great series of photos from London and nice to se different things and angles, like them a lot!


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