Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales

The Cove  GJC_IMG_5675

Having achieved the mountaineering objectives in the previous two days, there was a recommendation from the guest house over the course of this time by previous people that i should visit Malham Cove. Although it seemed like the ultimate Geography field trip, the woman in the tourist office informed me of a relaxing short walk that would take in all the sights. If Geography was all about reading maps at school, I'd have another job now, unfortunately, the exam was all about just rewards today.


Malham was the start of the 4 mile (approximate)  walk. The car park seemed large enough for the tourists compared with the relatively few shops for the non walkers.

Janets Foss  GJC_IMG_5640

I set off in an anticlockwise direction starting south down the Pennine way for a short distance before taking a path along the edge of fields to the  National trust location of Janet's Moss.

Gordale Scar  GJC_IMG_5646

Around the corner and across a road was the feature of Gordale scar which looked spectacular from any distance.

Gordale  GJC_IMG_5648

Those who wanted a longer walk up to Malham tarn, there was a short scramble up the waterfall rock. I got to one foothold away from the top and opted to return for the relaxing day of scenery.

Malham Cove"  GJC_IMG_5662

Followed the path to the Cove around the base of the adjacent hill and was greeted with this view so opted for a lunch break here.

Rook  GJC_IMG_5667

Even though it's generally a busy place, there are points where you can find solitude. I dropped a crust on the ground by accident and there are always willing volunteers that come and help hoover up.

Rock Formation  GJC_IMG_5670

The Limestone pavement is well polished in places due to the amount of visitors but provides fun for old and young alike as it seems like a massive playpark albeit with a substantial drop behind the two people depicted here. Health and Safety errr... no.

Walkway !!!  GJC_IMG_5679

Rock climbers heaven...." I'm sure i dropped my car keys along here". Health and safety.... forget it

Tree  GJC_IMG_5700

The solitude can be a bit much for some at Malham Tarn possibly due to the lack of contours and the distance covered in such an environment.  Solitary tree.

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