Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Cathedral  GJC_IMG_5952
Lincoln Cathedral
After visiting the Lincoln Christmas market several times on a North East Railtours / SRPS charter,  I always wanted to come back and see the place operating under normal conditions. The opportunity never arose as a lot of my spare weekends were spent in Bristol during the last few years. A band I followed for quite some time (Iona) were doing a limited UK tour and as the brains behind the outfit came from Lincoln, this was an obvious choice for one of the dates.

Framed  GJC_IMG_5930
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln is probably best known visually for the cathedral's distinctive west front. The above view was taken from the castle tower and i waited specifically to get the sun shining on it in such a way that it highlighted the building effectively.

Cathedral Interior  GJC_IMG_5893_edited-1
Lincoln Cathedral interior

Gateway to Cathedral  GJC_IMG_5855
Lincoln Cathedral at night

As night photography on floodlit buildings used to be my thing years ago, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity considering I was staying overnight. Observers of my pictures may notice that I try to incorporate arches and frames to the subject. The picture didn't break that rule and i tried to add an extra dimension of people enjoying the view

After this late photo outing, it was time to return to the Eagles guest house which was a modern house and provided a great en suite room for the price. It can be found via their own website and trip advisor (the first time that I was asked to put a review on !...must be desperate).

Eagles Guest House  GJC_IMG_5792 (1)
Eagles Guest House, North Hykeham, Lincoln
I went for wander in town and came across this house on a bridge, not quite Florence or Venice, but it was called the Glory Hole.

The Glory Hole  GJC_IMG_5811
The Glory Hole, Lincoln
Nearby was a spiral staircase which provided a bit more if not unusual photographic interest..

Fire Escape   GJC_IMG_5823 (1)
Fire Escape, The Glory Hole, Lincoln did the artwork called Empowerment. The hands don't touch, but I was fortunate to get a viewpoint where it looked as if they did. The sun proved more of a problem as the picture is not perfect, but it provides some mystery to the point of the artwork.

Empowerment   GJC_IMG_5818 (2)
Empowerment, Lincoln

Empowerment 2  GJC_IMG_5816
Empowerment, Lincoln

Castle  GJC_IMG_5912
Lincoln Castle.
... and the shopping arcade was not that exciting but there was plenty of potential for photograph opportunities, I opted for this particular view.

Light repetition   GJC_IMG_5974
Lincoln lights
Lastly, the Iona concert was an interesting experience.  A show of hands after the first song demonstrated that most of the audience had not heard the band before and seemed to be pressganged by locals to attend for fear of cancellation perhaps. People near me were surprised at the distance  that I and others had travelled and thought that they were coming to an evening of Scottish music. Frank van Essen's dutch drums rectified that a few had fingers in their ears or left early...... nice quiet place, Lincoln is usually !!

Iona     GJC_IMG_6001
Iona band


  1. Glory Hole- a bridge over untroubled waters. Beautiful photo! That cathedral is immense, isn't it!

  2. I love your photographs of Lincoln and the cathedral front. We didn't make it down to the waterside which I regret, but seeing your photographs make up for that :-)

    Thank you for directing me to your Flickr account which brought me to this post.

    1. Thanks CherryPie, this was an enjoyable relaxed visit free from the hordes of Christmas shoppers and a 4pm deadline for the train departure time. Unfortunately I didn't put many photos on the original post due to storage issues at the time.

      I upgraded all these to the Flickr account at the same time that I upgraded a Christmas set in December.

      Upgrading photos onto Flickr is a work in progress and will be back cataloguing some sets around the same time that I publish similar new material destinations.

      I have to say that you are the inspiration for me moving onto Flickr after I found a way of converting into html in blogger. I'm pleased with the better quality these days than my previous provider. Thanks for that.


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