Friday, 25 June 2010

The Dogs and Boats of Skipton

Canal Basin  GJC_IMG_5740

On the way home from the Yorkshire Dales, i needed to stop off in Skipton for water for my camel and I opted for a quick wander around the shops. The traveller in me however, drew me to the canal where i came across a few unexpected sights....... little did i know what was around the corner......

Tickets  GJC_IMG_5739

Guard dog GJC_IMG_5754
Bosun ...  "Aye aye, captain"

Keep off   GJC_IMG_5737
Guard dog "Keep off my boat"

Asleep GJC_IMG_5757

Jack and Jill  GJC_IMG_5735
no hills here but plenty of water

Jim and Rosie  GJC_IMG_5734
who's the joker ?, this is just too much


  1. Love the piccys! better than mine!

  2. Love the photos. We were in Skipton, and next time around I want to get on one of the narrowboats, if that's what they're called there. They looked magical! I'm also a dog lover, so it's fun to see the dogs in your photos. :-)

    Thanks for your kind comment on Cranberry Morning! I'm not usually that concise about England. Just ask my friends. :-)


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