Friday, 31 December 2010

York - Shops, Alleyways and a bit more.

There is always too much to see in York that this set was difficult to edit down into a part 2 of 3. This set is a pot pourri of most of the daylight hours taken outside in and around the streets. I have acquired a lot of digital material from my last three trips that I need to save some for another time so as I do not bore you excessively in numerous subsequent posts. I have plans to return here in the first week of March for an event with friends. (Need to book my train ticket quite soon for that to get a good rate.)

sunrise in Petergate
As I said in my last post, after sunrise, I went for some breakfast and to think about my plan for the day. My plan consisted funnily enough of nothing recorded on this post except the Christmas market post (shown earlier) and something I am keeping up my sleeve for another time.  This set was essentially J_on_tour observations of the day.

After Breakfast, I wandered along Stonegate (picture in last post) and decided to take a shortcut to Petergate (also shown in last post) via some alleyways....

and eventually leading to the most famous street in York called The Shambles, which is sometimes referred to according to some Newspaper polls as the most picturesque street in Britain....

spot a straight line !

 It is certainly a well preserved medieval street that takes it's name one way or another from an old saxon term.... The street of Butchers !! ...

....where there are always interesting things to discover for the tourist, shopper, photographer, but unfortunately for some..... not Butchers anymore !!!

window shopping
I'll show you more of the overview of The Shambles in the next post (the tease that I am !!), but for now I continue my tour in a clockwise direction around the city down to the bottom of the Shambles and across the road where I stumble on an alleyway leading to Lady Peckett's yard........

A mix of 16th -19th century
....... that I thought I recognised but I knew I hadn't seen before. I have been to York more times than anywhere else and had always missed this view, it turns out that I commented on it earlier in cranberry morning's York post.

Just around the corner is an award winning Yorkshire produce shop called The Hairy Fig that sells specialist cooking oils, vinegars and high quality Yorkshire food produce.

Immediately beside The Hairy Fig shop is a tunnelled walkway to the The Merchant Adventurers Hall built in 1357 for the early merchants to discuss business and have social occasions....

Strangely enough, things do not change much as it is now open for hire as a wedding venue, no doubt a wedding photographer would try his or her hand at some garden shots..

Across the street and through a short open shopping centre, I arrived at Clifford's Tower (1st image in this post). This was originally known as York Castle built to order by William the Conqueror in 1068 and was burned down twice in the early years by rebels that didn't like William the following year and later for harbouring Jews in the Crusade times. During the 13th century, the Castle was rebuilt in stone and it is unfortunate that the the Tower should be now known as Clifford's Tower due to Roger de Clifford being hanged there. Nice !!

All lines lead to the door... and then vanish !
Nowadays the hollow building is owned by English Heritage who try and keep the landmark in the public eye. The best selling point of a visit here is probably the views of the city... but for me, that is for another day. A coach party arrives and there seems to be enough business at the moment.....

"How many more steps do we have to climb?"
It is about this time that the traveller gets weary and hungry. Despite using the facilities of the Christmas market, many tourists feel the need to visit the famous tea shop....

Unfortunately what they do not realise is the expense of such a visit and more to the point, the length of waiting time outside to enter....

"To warm myself up, can I afford two teas when I reach the door?!"
This scene is repeated at all times in the year and I must confess, I still haven't had the patience or money to stand in the queue. There's only enough time to do a bit of window shopping...

"we feel cold just watching them queue outside"

Meanwhile, just around the corner from the door a group of buskers try to rustle up enough money to get a cup of Betty's tea !

Betty's fund !!

Lastly, I came across an unusual shop called "Give the dog a bone" which at first I thought was a pet shop but it turns out it is a gift shop not for pets as I thought next but for Adults who have an interest in pets... although it is not necessarily anything to do with pets either.. confused ??, I am !!

"Hey, are you not going to buy me a present ??!! "....


  1. I always love all these quaint places, i need to do a trip projection, you have so much infos and photos that i felt i've been to this places. really appreciate it.

    have a blessed new year

  2. I do love the looks of the shops and the peeks down the little streets. I am really confused about the, "Give a Dog a Bone", shop.

  3. There are some wonderful shots of the Shambles and adjacent streets......I missed many of your alleys. Not like me but I suffer from overload in York. I actually prefer a virtual tour with you.

  4. Hi, J.,
    I do have a time without seeing your recent posts that I love so much, I have to catch up.

    But,now, I'm here to wish you a very very happy 2011 and thank you that in the 2010 I found your blog and your nice reportages.

    I'll read you soon, in the new year,
    It was nice to find this, your little corner, and it's nice to be here a while following your rides
    One big hug to celebrate the new year day.

  5. I just returned from India. I have a lot to catch on.

    Happy New Year, J_on_tour!

  6. we got married in the merchant adventurer's hall :)
    great pics!

    (beth from

  7. Another superb York post! Superb city!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!

  8. So many of these pictures remind me a few other places.....Alsace France and even Boston USA!
    Great shots and of course great information!
    My best to you for a very Happy New Year, J!

  9. I came here to walk (just a little) with you, on those narrow streets of York, to drink a hot tea in the middle of the cold winter and to thank you for all wonderful trips during 2010 (and for the dogs , of course!...ha ha)
    Some of those travels saved me for my terribles Mondays !
    I wish you a Great New Year and Health !
    Be Happy!

  10. nice trip. i enjoy every your trips, and i'll wait your next post with this kind of trips.
    happy new year!

  11. Oh I love these photos! And for someone who has cried at a total of about 5 movies in her entire life, this post brought tears to my eyes. There is just something about York that draws me to it! I've been there 3 times, and want so much to return there! Even your photos of the windows are so beautiful...something about the UK where so many places are warm and inviting. Here in the States we were into 'tearing down the old and building new, ever progressing, ever moving on.' Maybe, unlike England, that's because we had so much land to move TO. But still, there is so much more a utilitarian feel to places here. So sad. I always love visiting the English cities and villages that give me a warm, glowing feeling, make me want to take my dog to a pub for a pint with the locals (and their dogs), sit beside the blazing fire and discuss politics.

    Betty should have some pity on the 'poor waifs' outside her expensive walls. :-)

  12. Hi J.,
    I just love your commentary, and lovely photographs too. Reminds me so much of the day I spent in York. Happy New Year to you and your.
    See you soon.
    Denise xx

  13. I do love these virtual tours - (saves me the train fare).

    Just to wish you and yours a super 2011 and I look forward to following more of your tours throughout the year.

  14. Happy New Year. Thanks for all of your great posts in 2010. I can't wait to be back in Northumberland for a visit this year....and I'll have to make it to York as well. Best Wishes.

  15. WOW what a lot of work you have put into this post and how interesting it is too. I visited York many, many, many years ago so it was good to revisit via your blog. Thank you, too, for popping by my blog - yes, time is an issue and although intentions are good!! it is easier to keep one blog going.. Happy New Year to you, love Judyx

  16. I visited York briefly some many years ago, and I was very impressed by everything I saw, especially by Clifford's Tower and the story about the jews of this city. (I published a post in my blog on 22 April 2010 on the tower and the story).

    Your photos of various sights in York are such a delight! Looking forward to new photos in the year 2011! Have a wonderful New Year!

  17. Just adore your photos and how you describe it all so I feel I am actually there. When I make my trip some day, this will all be familiar to me....

  18. Still a wonderful series of photos, thank you for this trip who is always pleasant !
    I like the christmas atmosphere in your images, I also wish you a wonderful and happy new year !

    Bye :))

  19. Happy New Year J!

    Lovely pictures! I think my favorites are the photo of the people climbing the steps and the last photo of the dog.

    I would love to wander some of those narrow alleys and visit the quaint shops.

  20. So enticing! I'd love to visit -- ideally by time machine say a hundred years ago...

  21. Thank you for this post
    So we can learn a lot of the city York...
    I love those alleys..
    You cannot find any of that in Athens, eee?

    Wish you a very special New Year,
    hugs Monika

  22. Great posts on York, those steps do look hard work!!
    I was going to visit York last Christmas with the girls from work but had a family matter crop up so never got there.
    Thanks for showing us around, Shrewsbury is are closest town that is like York, might do a blog post about it with George ;)
    Coming to your blog and looking at your angle of view in your photos, I think it has made me improve, so thanks for that.
    I got a new lens for Christmas, and love the photos I'm getting out of it 50mm F1.8 prime cheap but works :)

  23. York is lovely! Happy 2011, Jay!!!

  24. York looks so quaint and interesting. I know you were wishing for warmer weather, but I'm waiting for a nice big "snow" or two here in Kansas. Kansas is a strange place as far as weather goes. There is a saying here, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a moment or two." It changes quickly and is never the same from year to year. One year the January temperatures were in the 50's and 60's all month. Another year they were mostly from 0 to 10 degrees the whole month of January. Makes life interesting!!! Keep up your travels in 2011.

  25. Lily Riani... Thanks, Not every one can get to the UK, this blog makes the trip affordable !!

    Farmchick... Thanks, the alleys are nice... if you can find them. I was confused about the shop as well. It seems to be for people who have an interest in pets.

    Adrian... I agree. It wouldn't suit you as it's too busy. There was a long time to wait for some of these photos with all the December shoppers.

    Felisa... Thanks for your 2010 comments, best wishes to you for 2011.

    Travelling Hawk... already enjoying your India trip.

    B... Thanks for your comment. I never ever expected that reply about the hall.

    Joo... It's a great city that must be on anyones list of places to look up. I'm pleased I can show people around by this method.

    Debbie Smith... I suppose when travelling a lot, memories blend as places with similarities merge... I also seem to compare now.

    Cimpoaca... Thanks for your comment, best wishes to you.

    Wind... Thanks, you are an inspiration to many, I am pleased that I can brighten up your dull mondays. I am not sure how the dog thing started but it has been fun.

    Pharaonx... Thanks for your nice comment.

    Cranberry Morning... I'm pleased you enjoyed this set as you were always going to be the number 1 reader of this post. My intention is not to cause you financial hardship by talking about it but happy memories. I had a bit of fun with the buskers photo, I think they were more interested with the money in Betty's queue.

    Primrose Patch... Yes, it was strange how we both went on the same day. see you soon.... sometime.... passing ships.

    Trevor Woodford... It would probably seem more of a trauma for you trying to plan which way to go with your journey here rather than paying for the fare.

    Raphael Lam... Thanks, best wishes to you.

    Andras... Thanks, best wishes to you.

    Marian...Thanks for your comment. Pleased you have enjoyed these virtual trips.

    Judy... Thanks, hope your trip here was a good one. Time is a big blog factor as the delay with this reply shows.

    Duta... Thanks, as a child I accepted that Clifford's Tower was a Middle Ages battle scene that I have only entered twice. It was only when I researched it at this moment in time that I found out a few other facts about it. It is interesting to note that even though I have seen it many times from the outside, you know more about it than me.

    Denise... Thanks, this post was to make you feel here with a virtual tour and to inspire any who may wish to visit here at some point. Some locations are difficult to find and one I have never seen before.

    Mahon... I am glad you enjoyed the tour.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze... York has a great atmosphere. I sometimes wish I lived a little closer to it..... I once considered the possibility of a job there, but it was a misleading job description that on examination didn't suit the criteria of my experience and was meant for someone being groomed in that organisation.

    Vicki Lane... That would be nice. It would avoid having to repeat the pictures constantly when someone walks into the photo with many many high street chain store shopping bags !

    Monika... I am sure Athens has many qualities that York has not got.

    Jan...I can see what you mean by Shrewsbury as I like it too. I have been several times although not for many years. My last non digital camera had a 50mm f1.8 lens. I miss it for low light work. I must look out another one soon.

    Vania Moreira... York is great, thanks for your comment.

    forgetme not... wow, thats a lot of Kansas temperature variation.


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